Albert Burger

Albert Burger

Albert Burger

CCF Coach


How did you find CrossFit: The first box to open in my hometown was on my way to work at the time so it was kind of a fate thing I suppose :)

What is your favourite thing about coaching CrossFit: Variety. It never gets boring. The challenges are forever and that makes you strive for more than you thought you are capable of.

Why Cape CrossFit: Easy enough. Because, why not Cape CrossFit? ;)

What would be the goal for your coaching career: My goal is to have as many people be their best on more than just a physical level. CrossFit is more than that. Its an emotional experience for many. We dont know what everyones past or current situations are, but as soon as they step inside the gym, they transform, inside and out.

Tell us something about your self that we didn't know: I can be bribed with a good coffee or a hamburger. Both usually gets a better result!

Favorite Quote: I dont have one but i do say "Okay guys, here is what we are going to do today" at the start of all my classes so I hope that counts? ;)

Personal Coaching Rate: R300


CrossFit L1 & L2, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Kids