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  • A. Strenght:
    7 Giant Sets:
    - 5 Close Grip Bench Press with 2s pause against chest + 5-7 Strict Ring Dips + 10 Weighted Sit Ups (use a Dumbbell against chest)
    *rest 10s between stations and 2min between sets
  • B. Conditioning:
    10 Rounds:
    - 30s Row/30s REST
    - 30s Cyclone Bike/30sec rest
    - 30s Row/30sec rest
    * lowest round of Calories in any round is score = keep even pace!

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Follow the CCF Wolfpack at Regionals in Madrid, Spain!

It's finally time! Tomorrow, Friday the 1st of June, our Cape CrossFit Wolfpack athletes are finally entering the Caja Magica Arena in Madrid as the home of Rafael Nadal gets turned into the vibrant fire pit of an arena for the CrossFit Games Meridian Regionals 2018! Our athletes are better prepared ...

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CCF Barbell Club - Open for trial for ALL CCF Members

Want to improve your Weightlifting with the best in the business? Well of course you do.. One of the most popular requests in our annual survey was for us to add opportunities to work on Weightlifting and Strength so now Coach Chris and Coach Alan will be coaching these epic Barbell sessions for any ...

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Support the CCF Wolfpack - we are sending our arguably strongest group of athletes ever to Regionals 2018!

2 Individual Athletes & 1 Team - we are so proud! If you would have asked us before this season started what our goals were for the season we couldn't even have dreamed of our entire Team CCF performing as well as they did this year in the Open..Don't get us wrong, we knew that the athletes had ...

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The Challenge that sets you up for Life! And when we say Life, we mean it sets you up to LIVE your best life. In today's modern society we are often faced with decision that aren't necessarily productive to our health, both physically and mentally, so what the CCF Lifestyle Challenge is meant to do ...

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The CCF Lifestyle PERFORMANCE Challenge - 6 weeks to boost your results!

How much can you improve in 6 weeks? Well if we look at the participants from our previous Challenge their average improvement was 15% for RX athletes and a whopping 27% for Modified athletes - with the winners improving as much as up to 100% from their original scores! Now the cool thing about thes ...

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The CCF Lifestyle SIMPLE EATING Challenge - find YOUR way of healthy eating!

Nutrition is the FOUNDATION. There's a reason why Coach Glassman started his Fitness Description with "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seed, little starch and no sugar." and there's also a reason to why he chose to put NUTRITION as the very base of the Fitness Pyramid.You've heard it before but in ...

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Enter the "CCF Lifestyle"-challenges to find your fittest you!

Join our 6 week challenges, designed to build a lifestyle to last forever! Wouldn't you want to jump out of bed filled with energy in the morning? Wouldn't you want to be able to hike the mountains around you on a weekly basis, play with your kids on the beach for hours, or simply become that FIT hu ...

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The winners from our last CCF Challenges! (Better late than never) :)

Better late than never.. :) The last CCF Challenges took place September - November 2017 (Click HERE for info), but due to overload in our admin departments with our restructure of Cape CrossFit HQ etc etc it took us a while to get to the task of finding the winners. We apologise for the delays, but ...

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Sign up for the CrossFit Games Open 2018 - be part of one of the biggest teams in Africa!

The CrossFit Games Open starts next week - join Team CCF now! In 2018 we are aiming to have the BIGGEST TEAM in Africa - be part of it by registering NOW! We are super excited to once again line up for 5 epic Friday Night Lights sessions where our entire community comes together to throw down in wha ...

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Rowing & Bar Muscle Up Clinics - THIS Saturday the 17th of February!

The Open is coming! As usual this is a very exciting time of the year for us CrossFitters, we are about to enter 5 weeks of a test we know little about. What we do know however is that a bigger engine, better skill level, and focus on the little details can definitely get us further in the WOD's tha ...

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