Programming Philosophy


Cape CrossFit is the market leading provider of Health and Fitness in Cape Town since the start of the brand in 2009 and over the last couple of years we have seen an amazing increase of members, and we know it’s simply because our way of training is creating the best results out there!

We use the CrossFit methodology with a program that promotes Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at High Intensity and we have proven over and over again that this way of training is unmatched when it comes to creating results for anyone, no matter of their current fitness levels. We are continuously improving the lives of our members through a system that is designed to help anyone, with our without any previous training experience, and turn them into a Functional Human Being, and at the same time we have a proven track record of also being the leading developer of athletes for CrossFit - The Sport of Fitness, in South Africa. 

Through our different programming levels we can confidently say that our way of training suits everybody and that you can safely enter our “school of fitness” knowing that the training will be perfectly adapted to your current level and your needs to improve daily.

 CCF Fitness

This is our “Basic CrossFit” level which is directed towards anyone wanting to continuously improve their strength, conditioning and fitness levels, body composition, and much more. Most of our members are following this programming in class and this is basically what you need to become the most functional and fittest human you can imagine.
This program is focusing on building your basic movement patterns safely while always challenging you with the High Intensity WOD’s (Workout Of the Day).
We do practice all skills and movements in this program, but the most technical aspects of our training system such as Olympic Lifting and high level Advanced Gymnastic skills are practiced in the Skill & Strength of the class rather then done “For Time” or at High Intensity. In the WOD’s we rather focus on slightly less advanced skills while still letting you challenge your self to the max so that your fitness levels keeps on improving, for ever.

CCF Performance

This is our “second level” of programming and it is directly linked to the CCF Fitness programme. Often the WOD's are the same, even though loads may differ, but the CCF Performance also is directed to the experienced CrossFitter that is efficient in all areas of our way of training and may possibly be looking at turning CrossFit into their sport. 

In the CCF Performance program you will see more of the technical movements such as Snatches, Hand Stand Push Ups, Muscle Ups, etc present in the WOD’s and the total lifting volume is also slightly higher. 

The CCF Performance program have proven to create some of the best CrossFit athletes in South Africa as this have been the base for our competition program which have sent athletes to the CrossFit Games Regionals for the past 6 years!
We require a member to cover our third level of our ”CCF Skill Levels Chart” before joining this program and it usually takes anywhere between 3-18 months to get to that level depending on your background, current fitness levels, and consistency in training with us.

CCF Competition

Lead by our Head Coach Chris Oman who is one of the most well experienced CrossFit Coaches and Athletes in South Africa (3rd Fittest Man in Africa 2011 & 2012 and a total of 5 Regionals Competitions for CCF), this programme is well known for arguably being one of the most result producing programs available.

The Cape CrossFit Competition Team is always featured in local competitions and is the only team in SA that have qualified for 6 straight CrossFit Games Regionals, including 2015 & 2016’s “Super Regionals” where the CCF Wolfpack competed at an international level against teams from Europe and the Middle East.

This program is for the athlete looking at turning CrossFit into not only a sport, but also a full on lifestyle. The volume is high in this program as it aims to continue to build the fittest athletes in South Africa and with the growth of CrossFit as the Sport of Fitness the demands on competitive athletes these days are quite big. The program contains 1-2 training sessions a day and to get the most out of it the athlete must be able to put aside 2-3 hours a day as a minimum to ensure that all areas of being an athlete is covered, (proper warm ups, recovery work, nutrition and sleep).

We run the CCF Competition Classes in our fully equipped “High Performance Centre” at the CCF Gardens box, where the athletes following this program trains together daily in an environment that is highly motivating and supportive. Being part of the CCF Competition program requires a lot of hard work, but we also believe that it is any full time CrossFit athlete's best chance of becoming the best they can be.

If you are interested in training in this group of highly committed athletes, contact Coach Chris: [email protected]