2017 is here, let us help you turn your New Years Resolution into a sustainable Lifestyle!

2017 is here, let us help you turn your New Years Resolution into a sustainable Lifestyle!

03 January 2017

New year, new opportunities!

We love the drive and motivation that a new year brings to our community, just like most gyms in the fitness industry we always receive a lot of interest of people wanting to get started at this time of the year - the difference between Cape CrossFit and a "regular gym" seems to be that those people end up staying!

NB: We are kicking off our first Basics Courses for New members on the 9th of January - contact us now!

Setting goals of "training regularly", "being more active", "losing weight", "finally getting into shape", and all those things are great tools to get started - but if we don't have a plan to make it a sustainable lifestyle, those new years resolutions seems to almost be bringing us further down than where we were before as we feel defeated when we lose track of how many new years resolutions we have actually "failed". But, not at Cape CrossFit!

Most of the CCF members in this picture have been with us for YEARS, and they keep on coming back for more!

We know that it can be a bit scary to start a new fitness journey - that is why our structure for new members is so good for you!

We have years of experience when it comes to taking care of new members with varied experience, most people comes to us with absolutely no experience at all within our way of training, and yet those very same people seem to turn into the most consistently training members we have!

We first offer you a FREE CCF Assessment where you get to meet one of our passionate coaches who will tell you a bit more about our training program and take you through some easy to do movements to check your current strength and balance, AND of course take you through a cool Cape CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day) to let you experience what we do on a daily basis.

If you then enjoy our way of training and think that you, just like 100's of others, have found a place where you can become the healthiest and fittest version of your self - then you should become a CCF member. Once you are a CCF Member we will take you through 5 more sessions that forms your "Cape CrossFit Basics Course". The Basics Course will teach you the foundational movements and progressions that we use in class, it will make you feeling at home in the box, and of course we will do a CCF WOD every day to start building your fitness here already!

Once you have completed your Assessment and all 5 steps of the Basics Course you can now join our classes. 

We care about you, and we care about your Long Term Results.

And that's why we now are also expanding our "CCF Personal Goal Getting Sessions", so that all our members have one 30min Individual session at least every other month!

In these Goal Getting sessions you simply meet up with your Assigned Coach to identify and work on your personal goals. It could mean simply sitting down and talking about how to staying consistent, but it could also be a session where you work on your Gymnastics, Rowing technique, or anything training related that you wish to work on.

These Goal Getting sessions helps you stay motivated, makes it easy to measure your improvements, and also serves as a great way for us to know what our members truly want to work more on.

NB: On top of that most of our trainers also offer Personal Coaching outside of the regular classes, many of our members mix the classes with Personal Coaching for individualised programming and get GREAT results doing so - check out our coaches profiles here: http://www.capecrossfit.com/team-ccf/coaches/

Different capacities, different needs? Yes, and no.

As the founder of the CrossFit methodology, Coach Glassman, said him self: "The needs of an Olympic level athlete and our grandparents differs by degree, not kind."

This means that we train the same movements no matter what capacity you have, we obviously change loads and modify the movements when needed in case you have any movement limitations, but the way we attack them is different depending on your level. 

At Cape CrossFit we have 3 different training programs that all build on our +7 years experience of training members at CCF from all different walks of life, and with different goals in mind!

CCF Fitness, CCF Performance & CCF Competition - find your level.

  • CCF FITNESS, this is our "original CrossFit" program. It contains all movements, but focus is on Skill Development for the higher end movements such as Olympic Lifting and high level Gymnastics while the WOD's are based on movements that are easy to keep at High Intensity. 
    Most of our members, +80% follows this program as it is the best way to build a well rounded fitness level for anyone!
  • CCF PERFORMANCE, this is very similar to the CCF Fitness program but the total volume and load is a bit higher and we also do perform Olympic Lifts and High Level Gymnastic movements more commonly in our WOD's here. 
    This program is for those that have been doing CrossFit for a while, ticked off all our "CCF Big Dawgs" markers, and are looking for a program more designed to make you not only well rounded, but also competitive in the sport of CrossFit.
  • CCF COMPETITION, this is a specialised program for those that are making Competitive CrossFit into a lifestyle. We have high demand for capacity to enter this program, and on top of that you need to be able to put in at least 2 hours a day of training. 
    This program has bread some of the best CrossFit athletes in South Africa, the CCF Wolfpack is the only team in SA that have qualified for 6 straight CrossFit Games Regional competitions as a result of our highly competitive program.

The bulk part of our members do CrossFit as a great way to stay fit and healthy. Sure, some do find a joy in competing in CrossFit either on a local level or even internationally, but for most it's all about being better tomorrow then you were yesterday.

Our CCF Fitness program is the most well balanced way of training you can find out there and our Coaches are always there to guide you in each class to ensure that you are using the right movements and loads to fit your current capacity. 

Lifestyle, what does it mean?

Well, different things for different people - but what we will work on with you to help you find the best possible balance in your life is:

  • Fitness, this is what we do best after all.
  • Nutrition, we help you overlook your current eating habits as well as offer Customised Personal Nutritional Advise if you wish to dig really deep into your eating plans.
  • Healthy joints, not only does our way of training actually strengthen your joints, but we also help you with mobility drills and personalised plans to make you move better and healthier - we are in this for the long run remember.
  • Use your fitness outdoors! In 2016 we started the "CCF Whole Life Challenge" which actually is based on all the above points and in the middle of January 2017 we will kick off a new, bigger version, of said challenge. It will promote and reward you actually using what we train in the gym, outside of the gym.

In the end, our business is making people live better lives. Our passion is to improve human movements, improve health, and build fitness - at the end of all that what we really want you to do is live a life that others can only dream about, and we are determined to get you there.

Give us a call now and we will gladly book you in for your first FREE CCF Assessment session!

Phone: 021-461 02 43
Email: [email protected]

Here's to a Healthier and Fitter version of you in 2017.