2017 is here, time to get serious!

2017 is here, time to get serious!

01 January 2017

A new year equals new opportunities!

2017 is here and if you are anything like us you can barely wait to attack the year at full speed and have already started making plans for how you are going to be a better performing athlete than you have ever been before, right?

But, do you really have a plan..?

Wanting it is cool, going after it is more cool.

So, let us help you! The number one thing you need to take in account if you want to succeed as an athlete at any level during 2017 is CONSISTENCY. Dreaming about muscle ups, sub 3 minute Fran's and body weight snatches for reps is all good, but if you don't actually really work for it I doubt it's gonna happen.

Consistency in training is the number one thing that will get you closer to your goals so here's what you need to do right now:

  • Book your classes for the week ahead, (and then every damn Sunday for the coming week for the rest of the year).
  • Buy a diary, and USE IT. The most successful people in the world swears by how diarising their days makes them more productive and there is no better way of making sure you are getting your training in than to actually "block out" time slots in your calendar to make sure nothing can get in your way.
  • Get a log book, or use the online tracking portal of choice! This brings me to the next point, but if you aren't tracking your results it's first of all hard to see if your hard work is really paying off, and secondly you'll probably wont even see all the awesome improvements you making unless you write them down.

Now those things are only there to keep track and ensure that you plan accordingly, now it's also time to take some actions!

At CCF we are firm believers that the CrossFit way of training in it self is a major part of the success in your training. Constantly Varied Functional Movements performed at High Intensity gives result, the end. Kind of..

That said, to get the most out of those high intensity WOD's we make you do in class each day you can also chose to take care of a few key areas to ensure that your mind and body is always on top:

  • Come Early. At CCF we provide you with the "CCF Pre-WOD" programming which works as a great preparation for the daily class on the webpage and we highly recommend you to use it every damn day. It will allow your body to be ready for action, and also help you set your mind right to attack the session ahead.
  • Stay Late. We also provide you with an "CCF After Party" almost every day (some days we don't think it's needed due to the volume in WOD) which can be done after the class to improve in certain areas that we know all athletes need. 

    Now, those two things are there for the most serious athletes, (yet available for anyone), but we have a  few more points that we think EVERYONE should do:

  • Fuel correctly. "Eat meat and vegetable, nuts and seeds.." is how Coach Glassman starts his "World Class Fitness in 100 Words" - we offer you both general help with your daily nutrition and more detailed Nutrition Advise from Coach Tash if you feel the need to be even more specific!
  • Sleep. It sounds weird to tell an adult to go to bed, but go to bed.. Sleep is where you recover and rebuild your body from the training you've done before = this is where you get GAINS, go to bed.
  • Listen to your body. We are ALWAYS here to help you find the right stimulus in each WOD to make it tough and challenging for best results, but there is no reason to not listen to your body if it is feeling the effects of a few hard days of training - come in to the box and we will modify anything accordingly!

"I wanna do better in the Open, what should I do??"

Show up to class.. To be completely honest I hope you have started working towards that goal earlier than now as it's something that takes a lot of work to get the most out of. We do however know how to make sure you get the most out of it from there on and our programming will give you plenty of opportunities to improve in areas needed to excel in the CrossFit Games Open, we will start this very first week of 2017 with attacking a previous Open WOD each day so it may be a great way to see how you have improved if you've done the WOD before and also a great way to set the mind right for what historically have been asked of you by the CrossFit gods when it comes to the Open.. 

Another good thing to do is to make sure you cover any weaknesses and holes you still have. Yes, this too should have been addressed earlier and I hope you have been doing that, but nonetheless now is also a great time to make sure you put in enough work to get those Muscle Ups, CTB Pull Ups, Hand Stand Push Ups, or maybe just work a bit more on your engine by making sure you show up for our "CCF Cardio Thursdays"!

Depending on how often you are willing to train, the more volume you can get in each week, the better prepared you will be. One of my personal goals is to train 6 days a week this year, not each and everyone of those days will be at "full attack"-mode but I will definitely make sure to get as much CrossFit training in as I can.

Set goals and hold our self accountable.

I started with writing that the goals were nothing without action, well in reverse the actions are kind of pointless without goals. So, why don't you book yourself a Goal Getting Session with your Assigned Coach and identify Goals that are tough, realistic, measurable and important to you. We are doing a cool campaign for all our members now in January 2017 where we hope to sit down with as many as possible of you to find out what's good goals for you, and how we can reach them together. We will offer some really cool ways of reaching specific movement goals such as a first Pull Up, Muscle Up, Hand Stand Push Up, or how to improve your Olympic Weightlifting and more so let's meet up ASAP?

Lastly, a great way of holding your self accountable is to enter our new version of the CCF Whole Life Challenge which will start in the middle of January and aims at improving your entire Lifestyle according to the above mentioned areas - I think you will not only enjoy what we are basing the challenge on this time, but also the amazing feeling of being fit in ALL areas of your life once you have started holding yourself accountable.

I hope you reach all your goals and I hope that our CCF Team of Coaches can be the little piece in the puzzle that paints the whole picture for you - that is our passion after all.

Coach Chris