3 Boxes - more than 100 CrossFit Classes per week to chose from!

3 Boxes - more than 100 CrossFit Classes per week to chose from!

12 January 2019

We're very excited to get back to a full normal schedule from Monday the 14th of January - and to add to the excitement we are even adding some more classes and Open Gym time due to popular demand!


CCF GARDENS - Schedule from January 2019

 Our flagship box now offers more than 50 classes per week and is open 7 days per week!


CCF NEWLANDS - Schedule from January 2019

In Newlands most of the schedule is as per request the same but there is now a longer Open Gym on Saturdays! 


  • The Saturday Open Gyms are now open all the way until 12.00! Coach Richie will be there helping you out working on anything you want. 

CCF CENTURY CITY - Schedule from January 2019

Same thing here, most of the schedule is the same, but we have added the longer Open Gym here as well!


  • The Saturday Open Gyms are now open all the way until 12.00! Coach Tash will be there helping you out working on anything you want. 
  • We are also experiencing a great interest in joining this box in the new year so we expect to add more classes fairly soon!

With so many classes to choose from there surely is no excuse to get my training in! But, where do I start?

We recommend the following approach to make sure you are consistent with your training, because consistency is key!

  • Decide what is your MINIMUM number of sessions per week that you want to train. This should be "1 less than my ideal number of sessions"*.
  • Go to BoxChamp and book that number of classes for the week ahead, EVERY weekend!
  • Write those sessions up in your Diary! This way you can block off that time to ensure you don't end up taking on meetings or anything else during YOUR training time.

*We recommend you to set your minimum level to one less than your actual goal just due to human nature: if we say that we WANT to train 4 days per week but "only" get 3 sessions in we feel like a failure - but if we instead aim for 3 but manage a 4th session then we feel like a winner!

But before you start planning your weekly training with us according to the above new schedules, let's first clarify some FAQ's so you can chose wisely:

What's the difference between a CCF Class and a CCF Nitro?

The CCF Classes are running the CCF Fitness & Performance program as it's written on our webpage each day. New for 2019 is that the classes are run in 55min sessions, where the coach will start the popular After Party 5min before the hour is over! This means it's easy for you to join that even if you need to be done within the hour, or you can get a couple of minutes of stretching in after a hard workout.

The CCF Nitro classes are run in a 45min session where some days the coaches lift for instance a lifting or skill piece out and instead focus on the Metcon of the day. However, the coach will still coach you through that extra piece at the 45min mark of the hour so if you are keen to get it in you can!

CCF Fitness, CCF Performance & CCF Performance - which one do I follow?

Already since the early days of CCF we saw a need to further tailor the programming than the good ol' "Program for the best, scale for the rest". We see that by slightly modifying our programs we can simply target YOUR capacity better! 
The two programs build on each other, but there are some differences below, and we have a super smart system to ensure you are training within the right program.

  • CCF Fitness: Classic CrossFit with Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at High Intensity. 
    Most our members (about 85%) follow this program and loads and movement choices are designed to challenge anyone within their first 1-3 years of CrossFit.

    Some may take longer or shorter before passing our Big Dawgs Test that gives access to:

  • CCF Performance: Builds on the same principles as above but some days loads are heavier, movements may be more complex and even volume can be higher. We know that by passing the mentioned test an athlete is ready to handle this slightly harder version of our programming.

    AND, the CCF Performance program is now the base of our:
  • CCF Competition: Which is a program that has successful developed some of the best athletes in South Africa since 2009! The athletes following this program uses the CCF Performance as their "Main WOD" and then they do 1-3 extra sessions per day on top of it. This program is only available by invitation and those interested in following this HIGH VOLUME program must first build a proper base of "regular" CrossFit training for a few year for obvious reasons..

The cool thing with all of the above is that as per 2019 the CCF Competition athletes are most often doing their main session in our regular classes - this means that we have everything from beginners to super experienced CrossFit Games & Regionals athletes throwing down together from time to time!

Make 2019 your fittest year yet, challenge yourself!

We love the fact that we have so many classes to offer our members, our goal is that everyone should be able to train as much as they want to - and we know that everyone's life schedules requires different times for training.

If you are really keen on making sure that this year becomes your most consistent yet where training really becomes a lifestyle we highly recommend our CCF 8 Weeks Challenges that starts on the 21st of January which will help you focus on exactly that, while you'll stand a chance to win a 1 Year FREE Membership at Cape CrossFit!

If you're not a member yet, give us a shout on [email protected] and we gladly book you in for a FREE INTRO!