8 Weeks to Summer, join the CCF #FITNESSISALIFESTYLE-Challenge on the 1st of October!

8 Weeks to Summer, join the CCF #FITNESSISALIFESTYLE-Challenge on the 1st of October!

26 September 2021

Fitness shouldn't be complicated, let us help you make it SIMPLE through our next 8 week Challenge!

Now simple doesn't mean "easy", but it means that we want to help you use these coming 8 weeks to create healthy training & eating habits that you can use to live your best life for... the rest of your life!

Challenge Entry Fees

  • CCF Members: R200 (OR 400 CCF FitCoins, see below)
  • NON MEMBERS: R1'999.00 - which also includes 8 Weeks of CCF CrossFit, CCF Base Camp or Concept Cardio Classes! (total value up to R3'198.00).
    Note that we require 3 months of CrossFit experience to join our regular CrossFit Classes, while no experience is needed to join our CCF Base Camp Classes or Concept Cardio Sessions.


  • 2x inBody Scans, valued at R250 each (Start & Finish)
  • CCF Nutrition Healthy Eating Habits Lifestyles e-Book and a guideline on how to pick the right one for you.
  • 8x Lifestyle Habits (1 per week)
  • 8x Healthy Nutrition Habits (1 per week)
Best improved Body Compositions wins:

Our "CCF Loyalty Point"-System is changing its name and with these CCF FitCoins you can purchase Personal Coaching, inBody Measurements, CCF Merchandise (our new PUMA-line is launching shortly), and more.
  • A prize pool worth 100 CCF FitCoins for every entry of the challenge (100 participants = 10'000.00 FitCoins):
    - 1st Place: 50% of the total CCF FitCoin prize pool
    - 2nd Place: 30% of the CCF FitCoin prizes.
    - 3rd Place: 20% of the CCF FitCoin prizes.
    As an example, if 100 people sign up the winner would walk away with R5.000 worth of CCF FitCoins!


  • CCF Branded PUMA Bag filled with goodies (worth +R4'500.00):

    The kit in the winner's package will be slightly different than the pictured gear.
    - Puma Fuse
    - Puma Hoodie (CCF Branded)
    - Puma T-shirt (CCF Branded)
    - Puma Shorts or Tights (CCF Branded)
    - Puma socks
  • 1 NUTRITECH BAG filled with R2'500.00 worth of Supplements (you choose what you want in the bag)

  • 1 REBEL at home Training Kit (worth +R2'500.00):

    - 1x 24/16kg Kettlebell
    - 1 Blue Yoga Mat
    - 1 AB-Mat
    - 1x Skipping Rope
    - 1x Spydah Grips


1. Winners for the CCF FitCoins will solely be based on best inBody measurement improvements!

2. Lucky Draw is ONLY for CCF Members* and winners will be pulled out of the pool of participants that all fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Took part in at least 3 CCF Classes/Concept Cardio Sessions per week for all 8 weeks. (@OCTIV Check in required)
  • Improved their Body Composition during these 8 weeks = based on inBody start and finish Scan.
  • Took their fitness outdoors at least 1x per week during the Challenge (must tag us in your posts with #FITNESSISALIFESTYLE and @capecrossfit on Instagram post/story).
    Hint: Something as simple as a walk on the promenade or doing the Daily Flex in the sun counts!

*If you are taking part of the challenge via the Special 8-week #FITNESSISALIFESTYLE-package, you can still sign up to become a regular CCF-member before the 26th of November to be eligible to win any the Lucky Draw prizes.



1. CCF Members: read the DETAILED Email of the Day landing in your inbox at 16.00 today Sunday.

2. Non Member? Give us a shout at [email protected] and we'll help you get involved!


PS. Tomorrow we'll check in with Anna, who actually won our last Healthy Eating Habits Challenge, to give you some cool insight on what these challenges can do for you!