And finally, the winners of all 3 of our CCF Whole Life Challenges!

And finally, the winners of all 3 of our CCF Whole Life Challenges!

11 April 2017

We apologise for the delay, but for the winners it was well worth the wait!

We started the 6 weeks challenges in the very end of January, knowing that most of the participants would be focusing on the Open. Why? Because we then knew that the results we would get, would be a true reflection of if our training program really works - and wow, work it did!

“CCF Whole30 - 6 week Nutrition Challenge”

As an example, we had 20 participants who did their final measurements in the “CCF Whole30 Challenge” before the deadline and they combined lost a whopping 50kg - in a challenge which actually didn’t necessarily focus on losing weight!

Instead that challenge focused on changing your body composition and if you look in the stats below from our winners, you can easily see how exactly that happened:

Winners. Including changes in body compostion:

1. Brad Smeda (CCF Foreshore):
Body Fat %: 11.0-7.0 (-4% units)
Waist: 92-84 (-8cm)
Weight: 77.8kg - 71.0 (-6.8kg)
Brad walks away with a whopping R2000 - not bad from a R200 investment 6 weeks ago..

2. Nazia Harnekar (CCF Foreshore):
Body Fat %: 22-18 (-4% units)
Waist: 95-90 (-5cm)
Weight: 74.3-72.0 (-2.3kg)
Nazia wins a solid R1500 on top of her amazing results!

3. Thabo Thitus (CCF Gardens):
Body Fat %: 11-8 (-3% units)
Waist: 84-78 (-6cm)
Weight: 74.3-70.1 (-3.2kg)
Thabo wins R1200 Cash Prize - that’s about a months membership right there. ;)


More muscle, less body fat, a smaller waist line, and longer hair - no wonder Brad is stoked to win! ;)

Now the cool thing about these winners, and many other participants, wasn’t only that they obviously changed their bodies quite drastically in ONLY 6 weeks - what sticks out to us is that they actually didn’t start out heavily over weight or anything like that either.
Brad, Naz & Thabo are normal human beings who just decided to follow the Whole30 recommendations for 6 weeks and reaped massive results from it, maybe you would to..? ;)

Besides that, out of the members that followed through with the entire “CCF Whole30 Challenge”, many of them also reported amazing performance improvements to the left, right & centre. Obviously in the challenge below, but also in every day training and life!

Participants in the “CCF Whole30 Challenge” paid an entry fee of R200, which included weekly email and support from our in-house CCF Nutritional Advisor Coach Tash, and most of the money got put back into the challenge.
Winners were picked based on %-improvement in Body Composition and through Coaches’ votes for best change in before and after picture.

“CCF Performance Challenge - 6 weeks to improve All Around”

For the Performance Challenge this time around we chose 3 markers that we knew were gonna test the members improvement in a range. We chose a strength test that requires many of our 10 General Physical Skills in the 1RM Over Head Squat. We then chose a gymnastic tester that displays not only strength but also coordination and agility in the Max Strict Hand Stand Push Up. And lastly, we chose a fitness tester that wouldn’t only reward improved conditioning, but definitely also those that have been working on their mental game due to the 1000m Row’s constant pain cave effort!

We then separated our members in two categories based on if they had the RX version of the Hand Stand Push Up or chose a Scaled one - and to say that the results were amazing would be a massive understatement!

Winners RX Category:

1. Marcel Dickson (CCF Foreshore):
1RM Over Head Squat: 80 - 90kg (+10kg)
Max Strict Hand Stand Push Ups: 3 (with one abmat) to 6 RX (+3 reps)
1000m Row for Time: 3.13’0 - 3.06’0 (-7.0s)
1st prize: R750

2. Roger Burgess (CCF Newlands):
1RM Over Head Squat: 91 - 102kg (+11kg)
Max Strict Hand Stand Push Ups: 16 - 20 (+4 reps)
1000m Row for Time: 3.29’3 - 3.23’9 (-5.4s)
2nd prize: R500

3. Rafeeq Price (CCF Gardens):
1RM Over Head Squat: 84 - 93kg (+9kg)
Max Strict Hand Stand Push Ups: 18 - 20 (+2 reps)
1000m Row for Time: 3.25’8 - 3.24’4 (-1.4s)
3rd prize: R250

Winners Scaled Category:

1. Ryan Mentjies (CCF Foreshore):
1RM Over Head Squat: 20 - 50kg (+30kg!)
Max Push Ups: 17 - 24 (+7 reps)
1000m Row for Time: 3.29’0 - 3.21’0 (-8.0s)
1st prize: R750

2. Nazia Harnekar (CCF Foreshore):
1RM Over Head Squat: 22.5 - 32.5kg (+10kg)
Max Push Ups: 10 - 20 (+10 reps)
1000m Row for Time: 4.44.0 - 4.25.0 (-19.0s)
2nd prize: R500

3. Ali G (CCF Newlands):
1RM Over Head Squat: 52 - 60kg (+8kg)
Max Push Ups: 16 - 31 (+15 reps)
1000m Row for Time: 4.01.6 - 3.53.0 (-8.6s)
3rd prize: R250

Participants in the “CCF 6 weeks Performance Challenge ” paid an entry fee of R50, of which all of it went back to the prize pool. All they then needed to do was to train consistently and we knew the above results would come, best % improvement in all three areas got rewarded.

“CCF Whole Life Challenge - 6 weeks to create a lifestyle, for life…”

There’s no secret that this is Coach Chris’ personal favourite among the different challenges we throw out there. We want to promote not only great results in training, but most importantly: a lifestyle that is a daily reward from the hard work you all put in to your training at Cape CrossFit. 

In this challenge we gave the participants 4 areas to collect points in and then use an honesty system to find the winners, the different areas are:

  • Train Consistently: Each CCF Class attended gives you 1p.
  • Take care of your body: +10min a day of Mobility work/Yoga gives you 0.5p.
  • Eat Clean: A day of 100% compliance to the Whole30 gives you 1p
  • Take your fitness outside: Do at least 20min weekly of physical activity outside and get 5p!

Yes, in the CCF Whole Life Challenge you even get points for playing golf!

This challenge had a symbolic entry fee of R50, to make sure you commit to the task, and we then sponsor prizes from Cape CrossFit to the sole winner. This time around the winner was:

Jodi Vlok, from CCF Newlands!

Jodi trained almost every day throughout these 6 weeks, and even put a “no class :(“ note when we were closed for a public holiday haha! She also did her mobility at least 5 times per week during the challenge and also got outside to earn some #CCFWholeLifeChallenge points.
The cool thing about Jodi is that she also took part, and did GREAT, in the other two challenges. Jodi were only a few spots out from the podium in both the Nutrition and the Performance challenge - almost like you would “think” all these things are connected…

Jodi’s prizes, epic prizes sponsored by Cape CrossFit & Nutritech:

  1. 1 Free Month of Training!
  2. A supplement pack from our partners Nutritech (Whey protein and BCAA’s). 
  3. A pair of our New CCF Branded Hands Free Gloves.
  4. A new CCF T-shirt. 

So, next time you see these challenges around, why don’t you join the CCF tribe when we create a vibe (sorry). We KNOW that just by staying focused and consistent in your training, you can reach results that you never thought were doable.
Losing body fat, getting stronger & fitter, and on top of it all “winning” a new lifestyle - doesn’t sound to bad to us?

All winners can collect their prizes at their home box from Thursday onwards!

PS. The next version of the CCF Challenges will come back in May/June when we aim to keep our motivation high as we enter the winter months in South Africa - but first: on towards the Test Weeks we go!