And the biggest losers in our 10 week CCF Nutrition Challenge are...

And the biggest losers in our 10 week CCF Nutrition Challenge are...

04 October 2019

Our 10 weeks CCF Nutrition Challenge is over, but at the same time it has just begun!

We're so damn impressed and proud of our contestants in the latest CCF Nutrition Challenge which ended now this past week. We choose to do a "longer than usual"-challenge with a full 10 weeks of building Healthy Habits being the core of it, and we're stoked to see how many of the almost 100 participants that actually stayed the course and reaped the rewards in terms of improved body composition, lighter body weight, or more muscles, and most importantly a way of life that they can now carry forward forever.


We used an upgraded version of our CCF Nutrition Guide to help the members find THEIR way of eating.


 What was the challenge all about?

In short: we started by weighing and measuring all our participants, and then we basically told them to not weight and measure (haha). Point being that we offered a bunch of different nutrition lifestyles where only one of them included counting calories, and most chose any of the other ones!
Instead we opted towards the successful way of instilling a weekly Habit to help the participants making the right choices in 10 different areas that Coach Tash sent out each Sunday. 

Some of the Habits were very simple, yet powerful.

We had a short mid-challenge weigh in and nutrition chat to make it easier to stay the course, and then we weighed and measured the participants at the end of the 10 weeks again to see who had made the biggest improvement in Body Composition (Not weight loss!). We believe that what's most important is to lose the right stuff (fat), and rather gain some of the right stuff (muscles) while you are at it. That said, some of the results in terms of weight loss were still mind-blowing and at the same time we also saw some of the participants lose very little (or even gain weight) and still make massive changes in terms of body composition - see below.

The way we then structured the ranking among the participants is fairly simple:

  • 2/3 of the ranking points counts from best improvement in Body Composition.
  • 1/3 of the ranking points counts from the Coaches Votes where the CCF Coaches simply voted for best improvements in the participants before & after pictures.
  • We then simply ranked the athletes where the athletes with the lowest combined points from the above are the winners below.

We had already announced that the Top 3 in EACH CCF Box would be given an epic Free Membership-package, and that the Overall Winners would also walk away with some cool prizes from our partners NUTRITECHFIT & Adapt Your Life.


1st place wins 3 Months of CCF Unlimited Membership worth R4.497
2nd place 2 Months of CCF Unlimited Membership worth R2.998
3rd place 1 Month of CCF Unlimited Membership worth R1499
*Split places gives both winners the higher valued prize.


  1. Junaid Petterson, down 6kg from 117 to 111kg.
    Ayrton Da Silva,  lost 3.3% units of Body Fat and 5.5cm around the waist.
    Split 1st Place! Both win 3 months of Free Membership.
  2. N/A due to above split.
  3. Sarah Hotz, also down 5.5cm around the waist.

Sarah & Junaid (Ayrton wasn't present).

  1. Abdullah Moosa, down 8.5% Body Fat Units (35% improvement), - 8.7kg body weight and 9cm around the waist!
  2. Asser Dolamo, lost 7.5% Body Fat Percent Units (34% improvement), -5.0cm around waist.
    Interesting fact: Asser "only" lost 0.8kg Body Fat showing that body composition changes can happen without losing too much weight!
  3. Jarryd Stephenson, Down from 106.7-99.0kg Body Weight (-7.7kg), and down 6cm around waist.

From left to right: Jarryd, Abdullah & Asser.

  1. Charvan Moses, - From 15.5% to 10(!), - 6.7kg (almost 10%!), -8.5cm around waist.
  2. Liezel Sloan, - 10.1% Body Fat Perfent Units (29% improvement), -16.4kg Body Weight, -12cm around waist.
    Ben Fisher, -4.55% Body Fat Percent Units (from 15.5-11.0), +0.8kg Body Weight(!), - 8.5cm around waist.

Charvan in the middle, Abdullah from CCFCC to the right - Sarah has asked to not be in a picture here. 
  1. Charvan Moses (CCFG): 4p Body Composition Change + 4p Coaches Votes = 8 Ranking Points.
    Wins: R3.000 worth of Nutritech Supplements & 3 Boxes of Adapt Protein Bars!
  2. Abdullah Moosa (CCFCC): 2p Body Composition Change + 7p Coaches Votes = 9 Ranking Points.
    Wins: R2.000 worth of Nutritech Supplements & 2 Boxes of Adapt Protein Bars!
  3. Liezel Sloan (CCFG): 8p Body Composition + 2p Coaches Votes = 10 Ranking Points
    Wins: R1.000 worth of Nutritech Supplements & 1 Box of Adapt Protein Bars!


Charvan's 10 Week Challenge 

Now Charvan wrote a piece about his experiences on Instagram and we asked if we could borrow it to share it as we found it very speaking of how he coped with the challenge and that even though he "sacrificed" some unhealthy habits along the way, he still managed to live a normal life - and even more so took on a very active Lifestyle OUTSIDE of the box which we love!


I know it seems like I wasn’t taking @capecrossfit 10 Week Challenge very seriously but I used it to challenge myself and was just trying to get that balance of BEING OUTSIDE more, work, life, fitness and eating well right.

I’ve been on about 25 hikes, 10 different routes, hiked up Table Mountain for the first time.

In this 10 weeks, I’ve eaten more veggies than I have ever had in my life, I’ve gone through punnets and punnets of strawberries and cherries tomatoes, I once bought a watermelon as a sweet snack. I’ve had fries three times in 70 days and at a braai once I HAD EXTRA SALAD instead of GARLIC ROLL.

I invited my friends to @thecreamerysa for dessert and everyone had ice cream, waffles and sundaes and all I had was 4 half teaspoons of tasters.

I’ve gone to the movies 3 time’s with no snacks.

I never had milk tarts or boereworse rolls (two of my favourite things) on Heritage Day. I’ve been to birthday parties where all I had was FRUIT.

I did have dessert (I had nachos and dark chocolate every day for the first three weeks) at times when I felt like I deserved it

At the end of the challenge, I feel good, my gymnastics is a lot better, I don’t even bring my inhaler (RIP POMPIE) to gym anymore and my sleep is so much better.

I know this is very sappy, I was proud of what I’ve achieved and I really really really did not expect to win, I didn’t even expect to get to the podium.


So there you have it. Becoming fit and healthy doesn't have to be complicated, but it's also no use in pretending that it's gonna be easy. We love seeing these kind of results and if you missed out on this Challenge we hope you join us in the next one early next year!