And the biggest winners are...

And the biggest winners are...

24 April 2019

Similarly to the Nutrition Challenge we saw some epic Performance Improvement in this 8 week period too!

We like running our Performance challenges simultaneously to our Nutrition challenges as many of our members like to make it a full on attack on their fitness - and usually the results correlate very nicely too. Seems like eating healthy and training hard goes hand in hand, who knew..?

Anyway, this time around we had 3 tests (see below) and we simply ranked the female and male athletes separately where the best performance and most improvement in each got ranked versus all other athletes competing in the same category.

The 3 tests were:

  • Max Chin Over The Bar Pull Ups (Kipping allowed)
  • 3RM Over Head Squat
  • For Time, 21-15-9 reps of: 
    - Row Calories
    - Burpees Over the Rower

A pretty well rounded test where strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina was tested equally - and in the end we found that the winners were pretty well rounded too!

WINNERS - each category wins R750 each!

*NB: For the Best Performance we count both the START and the END performances to avoid sand bagging and give a true reflection of best efforts over the 8 weeks.

  • Female Best Performance: Zita Clarence (CCFG) 
    1st in Pull Ups (42), 2nd in 3RM OHS (123kg), 3rd in WOD (14:09min)*

  • Female Most Improved: Zita Clarence (CCFG)
    3rd in Pull Ups (+30%), 2nd in 3RM OHS (+16%), 2nd in WOD (-9s)
  • Male Best Performance: Kilian Schabort (CCFN)
    1st in Pull Ups (59), 2nd in 3RM OHS (127kg), 1st in WOD (10:41min)*
  • Male Best Improved: Robert Bernicchi (CCFG)
    3rd in Pull Ups (+67%), 6th in 3RM OHS (+14%), 1st in WOD (-52s)

On the women's side it was a close race, and in the end Zita edged out her sister Lisa by ONE point in both the Best Performance and Most Improved categories - talk about positive sibling rivalry!

On the mens side the scores were a bit more spread due to a bigger field of athletes but Kilian smashed it and won by a margin of 9 ranking points in the Best Performance side, while Rob won the Most Improved category with 2 points ahead of the nearest competitor.

Some Fun Stats:

  • Average improvement max Pull Ups: 50%
  • Average improvement 3RM Over Head Squat: 32%
  • Average improvement WOD: 6%*

*To be fair the 21-15-9 WOD was hard to improve A LOT in %-wise as many athletes got hit by the 7min cap and 1 rep counted as only 1 second added = hard to shave a lot of time. But, overall we saw a really cool trend where basically all participants improved in all 3 categories - which obviously is what we want to see: CrossFit is meant to make you fit across all domains of fitness!

Some impressive feats:

  • Wessel, who won our Nutrition Challenge in Gardens, went from 13 pull ups with a green band to 9 UNASSISTED!
  • Lisa's 3RM OHS at 85kg would have ranked first in he Male category as well!
  • Cescia in Newlands went from 16 to 26 unassisted Pull Ups, the biggest improvement we saw on the female side.
  • Phil, also in Newlands, went from 5 to 15 unassisted Pull Ups, best improvement among the male.
  • Rob who won best improved is a new athlete, but his 5:58min on the WOD was the 3rd fastest among any of the registered male athletes!

There you have it people, hard work pays off, some walk away a little bit richer. But in the end everyone that puts in the work walks away a lot fitter - keep your eyes open for the next Challenge if you too want to improve across all domains of your fitness!