And the winners in our 8 Weeks CCF Eat Healthy Challenge are...

And the winners in our 8 Weeks CCF Eat Healthy Challenge are...

08 December 2016

Yesterday we presented the winners in our Performance Challenge - today we take a look at the members who made the most out our Nutrition Challenge!

"I don't think I was really very mindful of the kinds of food I put on to my plate to make up that balanced meal before starting the challenge." Raadiyah Abrahams, 1st Place Winner of the CCF Whole Life Summer Healthy Eating Challenge

Raadiyah lost 4kgs and 3% body fat during the challenge! 


8 weeks ago we kicked off the CCF Whole Life Challenge of which the Nutrition Challenge formed one of the 3 componants. We challenged you to clean up your eating habits by either attempting the Whole30 Challenge or some variant of it. 

Regardless of the changes you made, I can safely say that all of you who entered walked away learning something new about yourself and your relationship with food. You identified your strengths and weaknesses and can now use that information to continue your healthy lifestyle journey. 

Our 3 most successful entrants, who walk away with some epic cash prizes are:

  1. Raadiyah Abrahams (CCF Gardens)
  2. Nicola Probyn (CCF Newlands) - Lost 5kg(!) and 2% body fat.
  3. Cait Pringle (CCF Foreshore) - lost 2% body fat and 9cm off her waist!

All 3 of them cut out sugar, grains and dairy during the challenge. As well as the above physical changes and things like,

"I noticed my clothes fitting better. I started noticing more definition in my wrists, arms and legs. Biggest change was my face. Seeing photos of myself and not cringing at a double chin was a really good feeling."  - Cait Pringle

the girls noticed other more substantial changes like an elimination of cravings brought on by a stabilisation of blood sugar levels. They became more in tune with their body's hunger cues:

"I also tried to let my body dictate when I should eat instead of sticking to set meal times." - Raadiyah

"Eating when I’m hungry instead of at certain times, e.g I realised I’m actually not hungry at breakfast time." - Nicole

Every challenge that you enter is a chance to learn something about your body and mind which in takes you a step closer to becoming the best version of yourself. We run these challenges so that you can walk away with more insight into making your lifestyle the healthiest and most sustainable it can be as we are actually not here for the short term results - we are here to change your life forever.. 

PS. Check out our next challenge starting in January which is aiming to make 2017 your healthiest and fittest year yet!

Coach Tash
CCF Nutritional Advisor