Cape CrossFit Games

Cape CrossFit Games

14 July 2012

The Cape CrossFit Games will take place between 9am and noon. Whoever would just like to get a workout in can do so as usual roughly between 9 and 10am: You will be participating the the first two events of the CCF Games. Everyone that competes in the entire Games will get a free T-shirt (Regionals 2011, as long as stock lasts). Furthermore, we will be giving away a few water bottles and Regionals posters. So don't miss out. The events will be scalable to suit everyone's needs. The scoring of the CCF Games will be similar to that of the CrossFit Games: Check it out here. 9am: Briefing of the overall competition and event 1 & 2 specifically. Warm up.   Event 1 (about 9.20am, 50 Points) Seated Medicine Ball toss for distance, 3 attempts. Weight: 2kg.   Event 2 (about 9.40am, 100 Points) 3 Rounds for time [time cap: 5 minutes]:

  • 8 DB Cleans 20/15kg [scaled: 10/7.5kg]
  • 24m DB Carry
  • 16 DB Push ups

  Event 3 (about 10.30am, 50 Points) Yoke carry for distance, 1 attempts. Weight: +80/45kg [Scaled: +18/0kg OR DB Farmers carry]. 2 minutes time cap.   Event 4 (about 11am, 100 Points) 5 Rounds for time [time cap: 6 minutes]:

  • 8 alternating Side-to-side Pull ups [scaled: bands]
  • 16m Sled drive 60/40kg [scaled: 40/20kg]