Cape CrossFit Santosha - Mauritius, opening June 2020!

Cape CrossFit Santosha - Mauritius, opening June 2020!

07 February 2020


We are very excited to announce that the Cape CrossFit brand is now spreading internationally. 
Cape CrossFit Santosha will be located in Tamarin on the West Coast of Mauritius and is due to open in June 2020.

We are proud to use our +10 years of experience to inspire a healthy lifestyle on this tropical island, as we aim to spread our successful philosophy to even more human beings in this second decade of operations for Cape CrossFit.

Mauritius is a perfect match for our brand’s philosophy of creating health & fitness while promoting an adventurous lifestyle that takes us outdoors as often as we can. Mountains & beaches are the perfect examples of environments that we aim to use our fitness in, and from an already strong brand identity created around that in Cape Town, we see this as a natural step for the brand to grow as Mauritius is filled with lush peaks and long sandy shores as well.

View from Royal Road in Tamarin Mauritius - building still to be branded.


Why “Santosha”?

Tamarin was previously known as Santosha Bay and has gone from a small fisherman’s village, to surfers paradise, and now a popular residential area & holiday destination.

Besides that, the word Santosha is derived from the Sanskrit word, meaning “completely” or “altogether,” and tosha, meaning “contentment” or “acceptance." Altogether, it may be translated as "complete contentment." And this very much goes hand in hand with what we aim to build in our gyms: a place where our community can always be fully content with who we are.

We accept where we are today, while always having the purpose of letting this positive spirit make us improve for tomorrow.



Cape CrossFit Santosha will open in June 2020 and we look forward to be part of a growing CrossFit community in Mauritius, stay tuned for more detailed dates and releases closer to the official opening.

Draft layout for the box.