Cape CrossFit Weightlifting Club hosting the "ZKC Email International Club Weightlifting Tournament" on Saturday the 2nd of July!

Cape CrossFit Weightlifting Club hosting the "ZKC Email International Club Weightlifting Tournament" on Saturday the 2nd of July!

23 June 2016

Cape CrossFit are proud to announce that we are now an official Weight Lifting Club!

This means that our members, and anyone registered for the Cape CrossFit Weightlifting Club can now compete and represent Cape CrossFit at official Weight Lifting Competitions in South Africa. We have always had a proud history of producing good lifters from our CrossFit programming and now they can all compete under our flag should they wish to. We aim to have a very competitive club in the sport of Weightlifting but also to hopefully help grow the exposure for the sport in South Africa by, amongst other things, supporting young lifters in the Western Province - many exciting things are in the pipeline so keep your eyes open! This is a draft logo for the CCF Weightlifting Club This is a draft logo for the CCF Weightlifting Club.

The ZKC Email Weightlifting International Club Weightlifting Tournament - Saturday the 2nd of July!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.06.58 PM This is an annual competition that last year was hosted at EVO Fitness and we are now happy to host this competition for the Western Province Weightlifting Association and hope to be able to bring a lot of lifters from across the Western Cape together for a great competition!  Please let us know asap if you aim to take part in the meet by emailing our secretary, Courtney Dick, ([email protected]), spots are limited and we wish to have a good idea of how many lifters will participate before we start the day.

We do expect some new lifters to take part so here is a refresher of the daily procedure and what is needed to take part (+ some guidelines from the CCF Weightlifting Team for new lifters):

  • All lifters must be members of Western Province Weightlifting and fill in the membership form as well as pay fees prior to lifting. The fees are R120 (this is per annum, so pay once for 2016 etc).
  • You will also need to be affiliated with a Weightlifting Club. To be registered for Cape CrossFit Weightlifting Club the fee above must be paid.
  • If you miss weigh-in you won't be allowed to compete.
  • You will weigh-in in your underwear in front of a technical official of the same gender.
  • At weigh-in you will be asked for your opening Snatch and C&J. You can discuss these with your coach prior to the day. These can be adjusted as you warm-up. Your platform coach will know the procedure.
  • The hour between weigh-in and lifting is to eat and re-hydrate. Although you really shouldn't be cutting weight for Interclub.
  • Presentation will happen 10min before your session and you will be introduced to the crowd. You can wear a tracksuit pants / tights and your CCF t-shirt.
  • The sessions will probably be limited to 8-10 lifters per category. Snatch will take about 45min, then a 10min break, then C&J for 45min.
  • Competition could go on for a while. You probably shouldn't expect to be done before 3pm.
  • You will compete in the singlet of your club. Each club has their own colours. The club coach will bring singlets. However please bring tights (above the knee) and a gym top / vest just in case there are not enough singlets in your size. Knees and elbows must be visible unless for religious reasons. Your top must be tucked into your tights when you lift.
  • The audience are quiet and don't walk around during a lift. However if you are warming up feel free to keep warming up as normal. You don't need to be quiet.
  • Its usual to give a quick wave to your audience after you do a lift.
  • You get 3 attempts at the snatch and 3 at the C&J.
  • The weight on the bar only ever goes up. So those lifting lighter weights will go first.
  • There is 1min between attempts after the announcer says that the bar is loaded for you.
  • If you follow yourself you will get 2min.
  • You will get a platform coach who will give your attempts to the officials and run your warm-up (for CCF lifters that will be provided by the CCF Coaches present).
  • There are three referees with red/white flags. You need at least 2 white flags for the lift to be good.
  • Your final result is the sum of your highest snatch and C&J.
  • All the lifters usually stay until the end and help clean up and pack away chairs and weights.

Location & Planned Time Line for the ZKC Meet (tbc on the day):

  • WHERE: Cape CrossFit Gardens 2 Roodehek Terrace, Top Floor 8001 Gardens CAPE TOWN
  • 08.00-09.00: Ladies weigh-in.
  • 10.00-11.30: Ladies lifting, all categories.
  • 10.00-11.00: Men's weigh-in.
  • 12.00-13.30: Men's up to 77kg category.
  • 13.45-15.00: Men's 85kg and upwards.

CCF Barbell Club, Special Meet Prep - Saturday 25th of June (07.30-09.00).

To help our lifters we will turn our popular Saturday morning sessions in to a Weightlifting Meet preparation class. We will start with a rule breakdown and run trough of the procedures for a meet, with our Official Cape CrossFit Weightlifting Club Secretary (Mayor Courtney Dick) taking you trough a 20min theoretical session. We will then spend the lifting time to establish your daily max in a meet style lifting environment (warm ups as needed and then 3 lifts on the Snatch and 3 lifts on the Clean & Jerk). Coach Chris and Coach Justin will be there helping you with your lifting and Courtney, who is a registered Weightlifting referee, will be keeping a close eye on your lifts. Get in the box at 7.30am sharp as we will get started then. Anyone, even if you wont be lifting in the meet can benefit from this, and it's obviously always fun to go for maxes!

How do I sign up to be part of the Cape CrossFit Weightlifting Club and/or the meet?

If you are wondering if you should take part in the meet, you probably should. But you can drop me, Coach Chris, an email and I will give you the info you need to make the right choice. If you just want to be part of the CCF Weightlifting Club for future meets then you can email Courtney and he will sort you out with how to pay and register. Let's lift all the weights! Coach Chris CCF Weightlifting Club President & Head Coach [email protected] Courtney Dick CCF Weightlifting Club Secretary [email protected]