CCF 8 Weeks to Summer - Performance Challenge starts TOMORROW and it's Frantastic!

CCF 8 Weeks to Summer - Performance Challenge starts TOMORROW and it's Frantastic!

02 September 2018

Is there a better way to test your fitness than with Fran!?

To kick off our "CCF Ladies Month - 30 Days of 30 Benchmark variations" and at the same time start our massive 8 weeks challenges we are taking on the most (in)famous Benchmark of them all in 3 different variations!

Details for the Challenge:

  • When: TOMORROW Monday the 3rd in any of our classes.
  • What: 2 markers to perform as well as possible in, NOW and 8 weeks later.
  • Fee: R100 CASH, everything goes to the prize pool. 
  • How: Come to class and we'll take you through the two markers and you can then chose to enter the challenge by simply handing in your entry fee or not.

How do we find the winners?

As you can see below we have THREE different categories for Fran this time around, depending on which category you chose you will compete with everyone else in that category. We will then crown a winner for Best Performance & one for Best Improvement in each of these 3 categories - that's 6 total winners! 

In the Best Performance part of the challenge we measure your performance NOW at the start of the Challenge and then add your scores together with what you do 8 weeks from now, athletes in each category get ranked in both the Cluster & Fran and then sorted according to those leaderboards combined. 

In the Best Improvement part we will also use your score from NOW and then compare it with your improvement 8 weeks from now*. We highly recommend you to chose a version of Fran below that you can complete in the 10min cap or your improvement will be marginal even if you manage to get a bunch of more reps - ANY unfinished reps simply get added to your 10min cap as 1 second. 
*Obvious sandbagging will equal immediate disqualification. 


A Cluster is a "Squat Clean Thruster", and our movement standard for this is that it has to be a smooth movement so you will have to perform the movement without any visible pauses and for the rep to count you must hit the following positions:

  • Bar must be taken from the floor in a straight pull (no pause at the knee etc).
  • Athlete must get below parallel in the receiving position.
  • Bar must be driven up over head in a STRAIGHT movement, no jerks allowed.
  • Athlete must show control over head, ANY step before showing control = no rep.

NB: Athletes will be properly warmed up with an empty bar only, and then be given 8 minutes to reach their max for the day.



This will be a version where you can choose to scale either one or both of the original movements as follow (only these versions of movements are available but can be combined with RX elements):

21-15-9 reps of:

  • Thruster: 29/20kg
  • Pull Ups: Jumping Chin Over the Bar Pull Ups.
    You do not have to scale BOTH movements, if you can do the "RX" 43kg Thrusters but want to do Jumping Pull Ups, that's ok.


This will be the original where you can't scale any of the movements:

21-15-9 reps of:

  • Thruster: 43/29kg
  • Pull Ups: Unassisted Chin Over the Bar Pull Ups - kipping is allowed.

RX+ - "Fran Attack":

This will be an even tougher version of Fran for the most experienced of our athletes, there is NO Scaling in this category:

  • 21 Thruster, 52/34kg
  • 21 Pull Ups
  • 15 Squat Cleans, 52/34kg
  • 15 CTB Pull Ups
  • 9 Clusters, 52/34kg
  • 9 Bar Muscle Ups


We believe that by offering these 3 versions YOU can find the exact right one for you. We also see it as a great way to "compete" with those of similar capacity as you. Most of our members will find themselves choosing between the Beginner - Intermediate and RX category, and they will then compete for best performance and best improvement with those who are at the same level.

The "RX+" category is designed for those that have a lot of experience and as such allows them to compete in their own division and not "clean up" against those with less experience, and on the other hand still stand a chance to improve the most without competing against those on the same level.

Which one should I choose?

The one version that will challenge you, but that you KNOW that you can finish within the 10min CAP!
It would be a mistake to take on a version that you can't finish as your score will then be 10min CAP + 1 second added for each uncompleted rep, which would make it very very hard to create a high level improvement 8 weeks from now.

If you have done Fran as RX sub 10min before, but never done Bar Muscle Ups in a WOD then we will probably recommend you to stick with Fran RX and try to fight for the CCF Record of a 2min 17s Fran before you think of attempting the "RX+"-version. 

Your coaches will be there helping you find the right version and in the warm up already you will test out the gymnastic movements to make sure YOU have the right version for you. 

PS. At CCF HQ - Gardens, the AM classes will run as usual while we will run the PM shift as "Open Heats" which means that you will chose a time slot based on first come, first served where you will have a friend "judge" your score. We will have coaches available in a Warm Up area to help you with the movements as well. 

Why enter these Challenges?

Well you could take inspiration and motivation from the previous Challenge Winners: ( - but to be honest we think there's more to win here than just cash..

By entering these challenges we see a massive increased motivation level in the entire CCF Community as a whole. We see how our members by working hard to improve over 8 weeks tend to build routines and habits that allows them to continue pushing themselves towards the best and fittest versions of themselves over and over again - for years.

Enter the challenges tomorrow and set yourself up for success for summer 2018/2019, we are backing your journey 100% and can't wait to see all the massive improvements we KNOW are coming your way.

Lastly, the Fran-challenge is as said only ONE out of 30 days of "30 Benchmark variations" where we'll use the classical Lady WOD's in our class program for the month of September. Some of those will be kept as they are originally written, but many will be modified to fit a well balanced program with heavier, lighter, longer, shorter, more technical, simple, team based, odd object, etc etc based workouts. 
We think you will have A LOT of fun with these WOD's and are super keen to see how your fitness levels increases with this fun "theme"-month!