CCF Barbell Club - Open for trial for ALL CCF Members

CCF Barbell Club - Open for trial for ALL CCF Members

29 April 2018

Want to improve your Weightlifting with the best in the business?

Well of course you do.. One of the most popular requests in our annual survey was for us to add opportunities to work on Weightlifting and Strength so now Coach Chris and Coach Alan will be coaching these epic Barbell sessions for anyone wanting to improve their weightlifting technique and max strength!

Coach Chris has a proven track record with developing a broad base of high level CrossFit lifters during his years at CCF and Coach Alan is arguably one of the strongest lifters in the SA CrossFit Community - a combo designed to help YOU lift more heavy stuff! 

Join the FREE Trial Class - Wednesday the 2nd at 17.30!

The real barbell club cycle will start on Monday the 7th of May, but we are hosting a "teaser" session this coming Wednesday when both Coach Chris & Coach Alan will be there to give you an opportunity to see what it's all about. This session is completely free for any CCF member and we will be lifting some heavy stuff!

When will these CCF Barbell sessions take place?

The fixed time for these classes from the 7th of May will be Mondays & Wednesdays at 17.30-18.45. This is planned to make these classes possible for most our members, and also provides the option to actually do a class before/after (see our recommendations below).

What are the fees?

In the beginning we want to try the concept out and are offering at least ONE FREE class for ALL CCF Members, regardless of membership option. For members with the CCF Unlimited Class Membership, these classes will then be FREE for an additional period until the last of June 2018.
Then in the beginning of July 2018 we will present a "new" membership called the "CCF All Inclusive" which will give you access to these classes, and potentially other speciality classes as well! Fees for that membership will be R200 more/month compared to the CCF Unlimited Class memberships.

So these are the different options to get involved in the CCF Barbell Club:

  • CCF Unlimited Class Memberships: FREE of charge until end of June, then required to either get the 10-session packages or upgrade to the CCF All Inclusive membership. 
  • Other CCF Memberships: First session is FREE of charge, from there on you will need a 10-session CCF Speciality Class Package (R600/10 sessions).

By focusing specifically on your lifting you can and will raise your standards, test us and we know you wont regret it!

Who are the sessions for?

ANYONE that want to improve their Weightlifting and Strength. We do recommend that you have at least 3 months of CrossFit experience and have a sound Over Head Squat and Front Squat before joining these classes, but just as in any class we will also help you modify movements where needed according to your capacity!

Does this mean that the Saturday Barbell Club sessions are gone?

DEFINITELY NOT! We will keep on running these for as long as they are as popular as they are now, and there is NO fee for CCF members to join these (within there membership package structure) - so if you feel like once a week and the regular class programming is enough to work on your Weightlifting, then those are perfect for you.

You can still get snatchy snatchy on Saturday mornings even if these sessions don't float your boat.

Do I HAVE to join this to improve my Weightlifting & Strength?

NO! What we do on a daily basis is proven to improve Weightlifting and Strength for complete beginners as well as for well experienced CrossFitters - the CCF Barbell Club has been created based on popular demand and a chance for those that want to work extra on these areas to do so at will.

Can I do "Double Sessions" if I do the CCF Barbell Club?

Yes. BUT, it depends on your experience with volume, and of course your goals. The CCF Barbell Program will be designed to be part of the added volume for the CCF Competition athletes and as such highly recommended for them, but anyone that have a lot of experience and the will to do two sessions on these days can do so*. If possible doing the Class in the AM and the Barbell Club at night is a great structure as it gives plenty of rest in between the sessions, but we have also placed these sessions to work if you rather do a class before/after these Barbell Club sessions.
*We recommend ALL CCF members to chat to their Assigned Coach before joining these sessions to make sure it is right for YOU at this time on your journey with us. High Volume is not for everyone and we gladly guide you to make the right decisions here.

Can non CCF Members join?

We have been asked and have decided that yes they can, the fee for a 10 session CCF Barbell Club Package for a non member is R1800 (R600 for CCF Members) and those sessions can be used in ANY of our Barbell Club sessions.

How do I sign up?

For the month of May we ask you to email us to [email protected] and let us know when you want to attend, spots are limited so we recommend you to sign up early. 

There will be plenty of empty barbell work in the CCF Barbell Club - kinda makes sense huh..?

Let us know if you have any questions in regards of this exciting addition to our offering at CCF, we'd love to see you try this out so give us a shout to book your first CCF Barbell Club session now!