CCF Base Camp - now 45min Functional Fitness classes for ALL Levels!

CCF Base Camp - now 45min Functional Fitness classes for ALL Levels!

05 April 2021

Scared of CrossFit?

Check out our Base Camp that takes all* the complicated Weightlifting & Gymnastics out of the equation!

The CCF Base Camp is simply put: designed for those wanting to experience the benefit of relatively high intensity training, but without the stuff that most people tell us they are scared of when they get started with us (such as barbells, hanging on bars, getting upside down, etc).

The CCF Base Camp Classes focus mainly on SIMPLE body weight movements, lightly loaded movements and LOTS of Cardio!

The programming in the CCF Base Camp classes is built on the same principles as in our regular CrossFit classes (see below) but the focus is on Technique practice followed by conditioning pieces with such simple movements that literally EVERYONE can do it - on top of that they are coached by our expert CCF Coaches so you are always guided towards movement variations and/or loads that suits YOUR current ability!

These are the main variables that we are building our programs on:

  • Constantly Varied Workouts. This means that no day looks the same. We vary loads and objects used, time domains and movement combinations to make sure that the training is always FUN - and to keep your body guessing for best results.
  • Functional Movements. This means that our movements are mainly based on either you moving yourself or an object from point A to point B, just like in real life. On top of this we also focus a bit extra on Cardio training in our Base Camp classes to build a solid foundation for your general conditioning.
  • Relative High Intensity. This is the "secret ingredient" that gives us the amazing results we see on a daily basis. By creating a program that allows you to push yourself within YOUR capacity we reap the benefits of a body and mind that is always pushed to become better. This makes our training tough, but still very well adjusted to you and your current tolerance. 

Up to 6 classes per week for only R999/month!

Or even less with our Student/Family/Commitment discounts!

The CCF Base Camp classes are run Monday - Saturday in all our 3 facilities and you can attend as many of those classes as you want to with our CCF Base Camp Membership Plan which goes for R999/month with an Open Ended membership (first 3 months is your commitment period).
NB: If you are a student you can qualify for a 20% discount, and/or if you decide to lock your membership in for 12 months you get an additional 10% discount!

Use the CCF Base Camp to build confidence for our regular CCF CrossFit Classes!

The program in the Base Camp is also designed to help you gain experience to tackle our regular CrossFit classes if that is a goal of yours. 

We have designed the Base Camp classes with the objective of being a foundation for Functional Fitness on many levels and that means that you COULD use these classes to get ready for our regular classes. As an example you can join us first with a CCF Base Camp Membership Plan and join at least eight (8) Base Camp classes and that way become eligible to upgrade to a regular CCF Membership Plan (see options HERE!) if you want to.
Many members also choose to stay in the CCF Base Camp classes "forever" since they simply enjoy the less technical training and shorter classes - and that's obviously totally ok too!

PS. You can also do a "Private Base Camp" in a 1-on-1 environment to get ready for our CrossFit classes! 

For some people the CrossFit classes is exactly what they want and then we also have a "fast track" to get ready for them via our Private Base Camp packages where it's only you and a CCF Coach in 4x60min 1-on-1 sessions!
The idea here is that these sessions can be scheduled at your convenience and you'll then get to work individually with your Coach to work on the foundational movements often used in our regular classes.

In our Private Base Camp sessions it's just you and your CCF Coach, which makes for an awesome learning experience when it comes to the foundational CrossFit movements we often use in class!


You can either sign up for a CCF Membership when you book your sessions to get a discount on the Personal Coaching fees, or wait until after your 4 sessions to decide. 

  • Private Base Camp without a CCF Membership Plan: R1.999 for 4 sessions.
  • Private Base Camp WITH a CCF Membership Plan: R1.199 for 4 sessions (40% discount).

How to get started? Join us for a FREE "Sweat Free"-Consultation with one of our expert Coaches!

We are now offering FREE Consultations where you can meet up with one of our CCF Coaches to see our facilities, get a break down of how we run our training programs, and what it could mean for you to become a member.

These consultations are completely free of any further commitment and the 55min session include:

  • Facility Tour
  • "What is CrossFit?" breakdown.
  • The CCF Training Structure explained.
  • Simple Movement Assessment (Squat, Push Up, Pull Up/Ring Row)
  • CCF Memberships breakdown
  • Sign Up process assistance, IF you are interested to become a CCF Member.


If you feel more comfortable you are also welcome to join the FREE Intro Session with a friend!

All you need to bring is clothes you feel comfortable doing some slow movements in, and an open mindset as we might rock your world when it comes to fitness!