CCF Competition - we are now offering more classes for Competitive CCF Athletes!

CCF Competition - we are now offering more classes for Competitive CCF Athletes!

19 June 2017

So you have decided to become a Competitive CrossFit Athlete? 

Why not join one of the most result producing programs out there to reach your goals? The CCF Competition program has grown from the successful history of Cape CrossFit Teams at various competitions, both locally and internationally, and is now a full on setup for those looking to reach the next level in their CrossFit capacity.

The program is designed and led by our Head Coach Chris who started his CrossFit journey as a competitive athlete (3rd Fittest man in Africa 2011 & 2012 plus 3 more Regional competitions with Team CCF under his belt), and the aim is to produce the best CrossFit athletes in South Africa, both individually and on the Team side. 

The CCF Competition Program is designed with the Athlete's Individual Development in mind, but also with the goal of continue to develop one of the strongest CrossFit Teams in the region!

Team CCF's history is rich when it comes to producing results with several podium finishes in the African Regional Competition back in the day, a trip to the CrossFit Games in 2011 (as the only team competing that year in the African Regional), and we are also very proud of being the only team in South Africa that has reach the Regionals for 7 straight years - including the last 3 years Meridian Super Regionals where we have qualified out of the much more competitive "Africa Regionals" that now also contains the Middle East! 


With hard work we expect to send more and more athletes out on the arena floor of the highest level of competitions, such as the CrossFit Games Regional in Madrid featured here.

What's the structure like for a "CCF Competition Athlete"?

The CCF Competition program is a higher volume program than our other two programs, "CCF Fitness" & "CCF Performance" and as such it requires a higher capacity and most importantly: a higher training age and CrossFit experience.

These are the prerequisites to be eligible for the CCF Competition Program:

  • The athlete must have ticked of 100% of the "CCF Big Dawgs"-test, with virtuosity.
  • The athlete must have trained a minimum of 3 months in our CCF Performance Program (or equivalent).
  • The athlete must be healthy, as in no long term injuries, before starting the program.

These are the continuous requirements to be part of the CCF Competition Program:

  • The athlete must follow the CCF Competition Program fully, the program is not to be combined with any other programs (CCF versions or others). Except such as programmed by CCF as "Extra Volume".
  • The athlete must commit to train at the times made available for the CCF Competition Program - see below.
  • The athlete must attend the 5 available sessions each week.
  • The athlete is required to spend at least 30min to warm up before EACH session on their own before the classes.

The CCF Competition Classes will be available on these times:

  • Mondays: 13.00-14.30 & 18.30-20.00
  • Tuesdays: 13.00-14.30 & 18.30-20.00
  • Wednesdays: 13.00-14.30 & 18.30-20.00
  • Thursdays: NO CLASSES - active recovery programmed to be done individually.
  • Fridays: 13.00-14.30 & 16.30-17.30 - to then be combined with the CCF Bonfire Class 17.30-19.00. 
  • Saturdays: 12.00-14.00 
    Cape CrossFit is a Class Based brand only and as such we do not offer Open Gym outside of our class times.


What to expect in the CCF Competition classes? Hard work..

"CCF Extra Volume" for Competition Athletes.

We are very aware that for those aiming for the very top in our Sport (CrossFit) the volume requirement are even bigger than the 90min of training we offer in our CCF Competition Classes. What we have done very successfully before is offer a "CCF Extra Volume" program for those with A LOT of CrossFit experience and the right training age (meaning years of CrossFit behind them), and we aim to continue to do that in two ways moving forward:

The "CCF Optional Extra Volume" - to be done +3 hours before/after the CCF Competition Program:

  • This will be available ONLY for athletes with a minimum of 3 months of CCF Competition Program experience (or equivalent).
  • This program will be well balanced to fit with the CCF Competition Program.
  • These sessions will last between 30-60min.
  • These sessions will be aiming for GENERAL improvement for the entire CCF Competition Group.

The "CCF Individual Extra Programming" - this will be provided by CCF at an extra fee:

  • This will be a program that is programmed by our Head Coach Chris to work on YOUR weaknesses and needs.
  • This program will be well balanced to fit with the CCF Competition Program.
  • The program will include weekly Video Analysis.
  • The program is to be done at prescribed times and days.
    FEES: R1200 for non CCF Members following the CCF Competition Program, R600 for CCF Members.

CCF Distance Programming

We are now also offering Distance Programming for any level of athletes that don't have the luxury to train at our box! Your Distance Program will be designed according to your needs and also aligned with your training environment to make sure it's working with any equipment/space/time limitations.

The CCF Distance Programming is based on a 3 month commitment period and starts at R1000/month depending on your level and need. A full on Competitive Athlete program costs R1750/month - but we also offer a solution where you will be following the CCF Competition Program and have weekly Video Analysis, skill development program design, and a Coach that you work with on a regular basis. 

Contact our Head Coach Chris for more info on the CCF Distance Programming: [email protected]

Lastly, some words from our Head Coach as the Coach & Program Designer of the CCF Competition Program.

The growth of the CCF Competition program is an idea that has been with me for a long while and I am super excited to see this part of our brand growing. We have an amazing atmosphere and brilliant facility fully equipped with any piece of equipment needed that leaves a competitive athlete with nothing to wish for - and in combination with a training philosophy that is built on years of experience and results I'm convinced that we can create the absolute best training environment out there for ANY CrossFit athlete!

The entire idea with expanding our CCF Competition side is that we now have more high level athletes than ever and we have a model that we strongly believe in based on the results and continuous improvements by our most competitive athletes. 
We aim to build a strong TEAM out of all our competitive athletes, no matter if the goal is to be an Individual or Team based competitor, and as such our requirements above are designed to ensure that anyone wanting to be part of our amazing group of athletes are also there for the right reasons, and the right reasons only.

By committing 100% to a program that is proven to work and proven to take you to the highest level we can guarantee you that the results you will see will be unmatched and we can't wait to see more and more athletes develop in our very competitive space. 

As you can see by our requirements to join the CCF Competition classes we aren't looking for cherry pickers, non committed athletes, or those without a focus on CrossFit being the biggest part of their lives - the time requirement for any Competitive CrossFit athlete these days is massive and I urge you to really think it through before you decide to join this competition program.
If all the "demands" required above sounds like a bit much for you, or 'can't I just do the Competition program when it suits me' is your first thought, then I highly recommend that you to rather read this article explaining how for instance the CCF Performance Program can be a great way of continue to improve your CrossFit forever without being as time consuming as the CCF Competition Program will be:

That said, once you have and you have decided that THIS is what you want to focus on fully, I will be there helping you grow into the absolute best version of yourself when it comes to being a competitive CrossFit athlete!

If you have any questions or are keen to chat to me about joining the CCF Competition classes, drop me an email and we'll set up a quick chat and see how we can get you there.

PS. We are holding a brief "Info Meeting in regards of our CCF Competition Program on THIS Saturday the 24th in our CCF Gardens box at 10.30am - drop me an email if you want to attend.

Coach Chris
[email protected]