CCF Holiday Season Schedule 2018-2019

CCF Holiday Season Schedule 2018-2019

10 December 2018

Don't worry, you can train with us at CCF all year long!

As we are heading in to the silly season of the year we are trying to help you navigate between Xmas lunches, "just one drink"-with friends that have travelled to Cape Town from afar, and the usual overall stress that this time of the year can bring, by simply making sure you have as many options as possible during this years holiday season.

We are having a slightly reduced schedule in all three boxes as usual, see below, but we hope that you'll see that with all the classes we are offering there really is no reason for you to not get your daily fitness session in. On the few days where we are closed you'll even see a "Holiday WOD" programmed on our webpage where you can get a lot of training in by just using a skipping rope and your own body - there may even be a run incorporated here and there.. 

General Schedules for each CCF Box

  • CCF GARDENS: 30min later start in the morning and 30min earlier closing at night, BUT also a 08.45 class added EVERY DAY of the week! Closed on major holidays but other wise open.
  • CCF NEWLANDS: Only night time classes are changed to start 30min later and end 30min earlier.
    CLOSED during the big holiday weeks though.*
  • CCF CENTURY CITY: Early morning classes and first afternoon class are taking a break, but the rest is the same. 
    CLOSED during the big holiday weeks though.* 

    *Please note: as usual CCFN & CCFCC members are more than welcome to come and join in Gardens during the closed weeks!






We usually get A LOT of travelling CrossFitters during this time of the year and gladly welcome you to our communities to get your WOD-fix in during your holidays.
Please note that we do require pre-booking through our office ([email protected]) and that space is limited in the classes. 
We do have some pretty epic drop in specials with CCF-shirts and other gear that can make your workouts with us even more memorable! 

We look forward to having the usually incredible vibe going down at Cape CrossFit like we do every time around this time of the year - we recommend you to book your classes now already to not miss out.