CCF Kids program expanding, now we offer "CCF Teens"-classes too!

CCF Kids program expanding, now we offer "CCF Teens"-classes too!

20 July 2018

If our children are our future, surely we want them to be as healthy and fit as possible?

Extract from the CrossFit Kids Manual:

Children being overweight an obese is a problem globally. Worldwide, in the period of 1990-2010 there was a relative increase of 21% (first decade) and 31% (second decade) in the prevalence of early childhood overweight and obesity, whereas the forecast for the relative increase in the coming decade (2010-2020) is 36%.

Now unfortunately, as we know, most kids these days don't get enough physical education in school either and as a result inactivity and poor lifestyle choices leaves our kids with a future that doesn't look too bright - that's where the Cape CrossFit Kids program comes in!  

The CCF kids program have been growing rapidly recently and the kids are loving Coach Sasha's FUN classes, and now we have so many kids in different age groups that we see a need to split the program in to two groups (just as recommended by the trademarked CrossFit Kids Curriculum)!

CCF KIDS (5 - 12 year old)

The CCF Kids classes are fun filled sessions where the fitness is being built through non technical "WOD's" that mimic play mixed with functional movements. The classes are 45min to accommodate the younger kids shorter attention spans, but children are recommended to bring homework from school to study* after the class is done.
*Studies have shown that there is a window of heightened learning right after physical activity and our kids seems to love doing some homework right after class!

CCF Teens (12-18 year old*)

*As kids at this age develop at different speeds we do require the athlete to first be "approved" by a CCF Coach before joining the CCF Teens program.


The CCF Teens program is directed to kids who are looking for a more Strength & Conditioning approach to their CrossFit training. 
The sessions are 60 minutes and closer to the adult programming but we focus on building strength safely with movements that we know will give the kids a great base for future sports, and life.
Recently we have had quite a few teens joining us to supplement other sports such as swimming and track & field so we are quite excited to see this program aid them in their pursuits of becoming stronger for other sports too!

SCHEDULE For the CCF Kids & CCF Teens classes:

This schedule is built to accommodate our current kids schedules but is subject to change when needed from our side:

    16.00-16.45 CCF KIDS
    15.00-16.00 CCF TEENS
    16.00-16.45 CCF KIDS
    17.00-18.00 CCF TEENS
    09.00-09.45 CCF KIDS
    10.00-11.00 CCF TEENS


Anyone interested is welcome to contact us for a FREE Trial session!

  • One Kid's Monthly Training (up to 3 classes per week): R600
  • Family's second kid Monthly Training: R450

  • 10 Session CCF Kids Punch Card: R850

NB: CCF Members have an automatic 10% discount on all the above kids packages. 


If you want to check out what the fuzz is all about and how we can help your child/children get fit and healthy while having fun please drop our kids Coach an email right away on [email protected]