CCF Missions - part of the #CCFWholeLifeChallenge

CCF Missions - part of the #CCFWholeLifeChallenge

12 September 2017

Use your Fitness and Discover Cape Town's adventures with Cape CrossFit!

As part of our "CCF Whole Life Challenge- Spring into Summer Edition" we have added a feature we call the "CCF Missions" where the participants can earn points for the challenge by simply completing certain adventures around Cape Town, with or without our guidance* - all of these gives the participants 10p each:

  • Lions Head Hike
  • 5k Unbroken Run Off Road
  • Indian Venstre Climb*
  • 30min Unbroken Beach Run
  • Biskop Stairs (up and down twice)

*NB: Some of these missions are TOUGH and we recommend that you always bring someone along that has done it before, NEVER go alone, and always make sure you have water, snacks, and a warm top as weather can change quickly.

We'll guide you through it - enter "CCF Mission Thursdays":

Obviously our coaches will be part of the CCF Whole Life Challenge as well, and what could be better than doing these Missions together? Especially if you never done a certain one before we highly recommend you to join us on the below dates as we then can guide you and do the tough challenges in great company!

This is the PLANNED SCHEDULE* for the next 6 weeks of CCF Missions:
Please note that schedule can change due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances, get in on our WhatsApp group for constant updates!

  1. Thursday 14th of September, 06.00 (we'll start at 6am sharp): Lions Head Hike
  2. Thursday 21th of September, 07.00: Biskop Stairs - Clifton
  3. Saturday 23rd of September, 09.30***: Running with Vicky Poludorou at Molteno Reservoir*
  4. Thursday 28th of September, 06.00 (we'll start at 6am sharp): Lions Head Hike
  5. Thursday 5th of October, 07.00: 5k Pipe Track Trail Run
  6. Thursday 19th of October, 06.00 (we'll start at 6am sharp): Lions Head Hike
  7. Thursday 26th of October, 07.00: Camps Bay Beach 30min Beach Run

All these Missions will be guided by at least one of the CCF Coaches, please drop Coach Chris an email if you'd like to join the WhatsApp group for constant updates: [email protected]

*** No Regular Class on Saturday the 16th as we take it outdoors and practice our Running with Vicky! ***

Arguably one of the best runners in the very top of the South African CrossFit Community, (she used to be a high level triathlete before taking up CrossFit), Vicks will help us improve our running technique, while also build an understanding for breathing and the mental side of Running.

In 2017, Vicks won both "endurance" event's at Fittest in Cape Town so yes, she can run.. ;)

For those taking part in UWS this is close enough to mandatory, but it's open to ALL our CCF Members and there will be a running interval based WOD as well to improve your fitness!

We can't say it often enough, but please: USE YOUR FITNESS.

We love the commitment our members have to their own CrossFit training with over 250 separate visits in our 3 boxes each day and we love to see them get more pull ups, heavier lifts, and faster benchmark times.
But, and it's a big BUT, if we don't use our fitness outside of the boxes, are we truly living life to the fullest?

We think you can both train hard in the box and make sure that you enjoy that fitness while exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world so join Coach Chris & Coach Kelly when we take on the first CCF Mission on Thursday morning, see you at the start of the dirt trail at 5.55 sharp!