CCF Nutrition Lifestyles - KETO: the "zero" carbs diet!

CCF Nutrition Lifestyles - KETO: the "zero" carbs diet!

18 January 2021

Meet Avron, 6.7kg lighter Avron that is..

Avron lost 6.7kg in 8 weeks in our last Healthy Eating Habits, but have also lost a total of 13kg over the past 2 years!

Avron has been with us for about 3 years and his overall transformation has been incredible!
He's been a part of almost all our CCF Nutrition Challenges (even won the first one he entered) and he still seems to improve every single time, this time he decided to take help from two of his friends Glen & Yael (also CCF Members) who run Adapt Your Life - a Keto nutrition-based business who operate mainly in the US but also sells the worlds most delicious carb friendly protein bars!

We also sell these bars in our Power Bar in Gardens, but click the image for more info!

Just like with Natalie and her Paleo Story - we thought it would be cool to check in with Avron and hear about his experience with Keto!

One cool thing about our InBody measurements is that you get a great overview of your changes over time!

  1. CCF: Hey Avron, first of all congratulations on your amazing results in our last Nutrition Challenge. You lost 6.7kg of body weight and what's really cool is that you also dropped 4.1%-units of Body Fat (from 22.9 to 18.8%). This actually put you in second place overall in our Gardens box - how are you feeling about your results over these 8 weeks?

    Avron: I am happy with how I did & really enjoy the way the  Nutrition challenge works and the program.    
  1. CCF: You chose the Keto approach where you basically eat very little to no Carbs. Was it hard to figure out what to eat and not to eat?

    Avron: At first, I just started with a diet counting my macros and based on 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat, after chatting to Yael & Glen and getting advice from them I decided to try the keto approach with slowing reducing my carbs from 40% down to less than 50 grams of carbs per day, it wasn’t hard to figure out what to eat as Yale and Glen advised me on that.
  1. CCF: What physical effects did you feel from Keto, except the obvious weight & fat loss? How did your eating affect your energy levels and of course your training?

    Avron: Well due to me reducing my carb intake slowly over a couple of weeks I did not find it to challenging to get used to the lower carb level and it did not affect my energy levels.
  1. CCF: How did you find the structure of the Challenge itself? Did it help you create your Nutrition Lifestyle and if so how?

    Avron: I really enjoyed the structure of the challenge, the regular emails and health habits/eating advice give you insight and challenges you to try new things re diet, training etc
  1. CCF: What are the biggest differences you experienced except the weight loss?

    Avron: I found that my performance and energy levels improved, I found being those few kilos lighter helped my Cardio training and did not impact on the other training.
  1. CCF: How has your eating been since the end of the challenge? We are now approximately 6 weeks post the end of the challenge so it's obviously interesting for us to hear how the holiday season played out and if this has truly turned into a "forever nutrition lifestyle" for you?

    Avron: During the holiday season I ate more or less what I wanted to eat, know that once I was back from holiday, I would get back into a new normal eating approach and being mindful of what I ate.
    Also knowing that in Jan you would be having another nutrition challenge, lets me be able to try and get more use to my new normal eating approach and making this a way of life.

  2. CCF: Tell us about your CrossFit Journey so far, what are you able to do today that you couldn't do when you started with us a couple of years ago?

    Avron: When is started CrossFit 3 years ago I weighed 13 kg more than I do now and my fitness levels were not great, I could not do 1 pull up and my weightlifting was nonexistent.
    That has all changed dramatically, I am really happy with my current fitness level & performance and this will continue to improve, this makes me very happy and excited to see what I can do and achieve fitness and strength wise over the next couple of years. While enjoying life and really feeling amazing.

    Editors Note: What Avron was too modest to say is that he now also bangs out multiple kipping pull-ups in workouts on the regular, from barely being able to do a single ring row when he started with us!
  1. CCF: Anything else you'd like to add?

    Avron: When I started CrossFit I just thought it would make me fitter. CrossFit has changed my life, it has made me fitter, healthier & improved my mental wellbeing. 

    Thank you!

What is Keto? And who is it for?

A ketogenic diet is one of the most restrictive and limited diets around. It's important to note that some research shows that a keto diet can have a negative effect on your training performance.

We do however use it as an option as it also is one of the most successful diets when it comes to rapid weight loss - and is especially successful for heavily overweight or even sick people.

The ketogenic meal shoots for near-zero carbs.

Just like Avron has showed this CAN be quite successful in combination with high intensity exercise, what we have found is that there are a few times when we DON'T recommend Keto for CrossFit Athletes:

  • If you are looking for muscle gain. The low carb environment is great for weight loss, but we have to be ok with the potential some loss of muscle mass if we go with this.
  • If you train more than once a day, then we definitely recommend carbs as part of your fuelling as it's needed to recover between sessions - and often as intra workout fuel if our volume is high.
  • Anyone who doesn't enjoy high-fat diets, the biggest portion of calories in a Keto diet must come from healthy fats!

Just like with Natalie's experience with Paleo, "extreme" Nutrition Lifestyles like this can be super successful. You just have to make sure that you are a person that enjoys STRICT protocols and that the expected results are in line with your goals - if so Keto could be great for you.



Everyone is different and what we have realised over the years is that the MOST important part of choosing a way of healthy eating is to choose one that is aligned with your lifestyle, your tolerance levels to change, and of course your goals!
That is why our CCF Healthy Eating Habits are now giving guidance for you to use any of those Nutrition Lifestyles that we listed at the top - because in the long run no way of eating healthy will be better than the one you can truly follow consistently..


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