CCF Power Bar - Opening Week Specials

CCF Power Bar - Opening Week Specials

04 August 2019

Eco Friendly and Super Healthy Coffee & Smoothies!

We are super excited to announce the opening of our very own Power Bar where we will be serving epic coffees & balanced smoothies from tomorrow Monday the 5th of August!

When we decided to run this project we set it up with one main thing in mind: to improve the experience for our members. To do so we decided to make the offered products in the bar 100% aligned with our values of living a Healthy Lifestyle - and at the same time align wiht our goal creating a more sustainable world. 

All our serving cups and packaging is Eco Friendly and sourced as locally as possible. We avoid using plastic in our own handling of the ingredients and only use natural detergents and cleaning products in the shop. We trust that you support this initiative and enjoy your coffees/smoothies knowing you too are making the right choices for our planet.


Flat pricing Organic Coffees - R25.00 per cup.

To make your choice easy we have decided to keep the pricing on our products very simple: same price for any "regular coffee" and you just decide how you like your double shot served!

  • "The Assault Bike": Double Espresso / Cortado - served in an espresso cup
  • "The Ski Erg": Flat White - served in a medium cup
  • "The Rower": Large Americano - served in a large cup
    All of these contain a double shot of organic espresso coffee, hence the standard costing.

Special Add-ons to your Pre WOD Coffee, R5.00.

  • "The Weight Vest": 1-2 Tbsp of Pure MCT Oils in a Double Espresso ("Bullet Proof")
  • "The Swole & Flexy": Almond Milk instead of regular milk in any of the coffees. 


 2 variations of high protein Power Smoothies - 2 sizes to choose from, R40.00/R25.00.

Same thing with the Smoothies, we'll be offering two standard Smoothies which got some great feedback on our free tester night this past Friday. One is a bit sweeter and one less. 
You CAN subtract any of the ingredients in the smoothies.

  • "FRAN": Freshly Frozen Strawberries, Vanilla Whey Protein*, Raw Honey. 
  • "MURPH": Freshly Frozen Bananas, Chocolate Whey Protein*, Raw Peanut Butter.
    *We only use NUTRITECH's Whey Protein, which is grass fed without any soy, no gluten, and of course NO added sugar. 

Special Changes / Add-ons to our Power Smoothies.

  • Vegan Protein*: No added charge. 
  • RAW Protein*: R5.00 - (this is a flavour & colorant free protein).
  • "Gain Train": R3.00 - 1tbsp (5g) of Creatine Monohydrate.
  • "Recovery Pose": R3.00 - 1tbsp (5g) of L-Glutamine.


  • "MAXIMUS": R60.00, a large "Murph"-Smoothie with a double shot of Espresso in it! 
  • "The Swole & Flexy: R60.00, a large "Fran"-Smoothie with Rooibos Tea in it.*
    *This product is under development.

NUTRITECH SUPPLEMENTS at a small discounted rate.

We only use Nutritech products in our smoothies ourselves and will also have them for sale in the CCF Power Bar with a slight CCF Members Discount!

Ask us about what products might be good for you, but remember that supplements are great as exactly what the name means - REAL FOOD is always the go to when it comes to a well balanced and healthy diet.

OPENING WEEK SPECIAL, 5-11th of August:

The CCF Power Bar is just getting started and over time we aim to expand our offered snacks etc. We hope you enjoy the simplicity of the structured offerings and come and hang out with our expanded "CCF Experience Team" as we have now grown our Front Desk & Power Bar Team to give you the best possible experience before and after your daily classes with us!