CCF Programming Explanations & Additions!

CCF Programming Explanations & Additions!

11 July 2016

Renaming our Balance Program, enter: CCF Fitness!

As you know we are currently running two main programs in our classes, our CCF Balance program is there to create a well rounded fitness and turn anyone into a highly functional human being with the foundational CrossFit principles as the main focus. What we are creating with this program is a well balanced fitness, (hence the name "Balance"), but we think that since the real purpose of this program is simply to increase your Fitness levels it is more appropriate to simply call it CCF Fitness!

CCF Performance, for the more experienced athletes.

About 80-85% of our members follow the newly named CCF Fitness program and they are getting amazing results which often takes them from being completely inactive to very well performing athletes and when they reach certain markers they are welcome to join the CCF Performance program. This program is of course also a CrossFit program, but is designed to cover the needs for the more experienced CrossFit athlete by having a slightly higher volume in combination with more "advanced" skills.

CCF Competition

On top of this we have the CCF Competition, which is a program for the rare few who have turned the sport of CrossFit into a full on competitive lifestyle. This program requires between 90min to 3 hours per day of training and is NOT for the general human being just looking to do well in some local throwdowns, but rather for the athlete looking to qualify for the CrossFit Games Regionals and more.

Bridging the step between classes and "CCF Competition".

Now, we have found ourself in the fortunate situation of actually having quite a few of our athletes following the CCF Performance program gaining such a high capacity that they are highly competitive already without following the CCF Competition! However for those  athletes that wish to be as competitive as they possibly can, but don't have the time for a full-time career as a CrossFit athlete, we now want to offer somewhat of a bridge between the two programs. That bridge will be in the shape of an CCF Add On that will be programmed as a part from the CCF Competition to be performed in conjunction with our CCF Performance program. This piece will take approximately 30 minutes and is designed for athletes with a minimum of 3 months of CCF Performance experience, AND some extra time on their hands.. ;) The CCF Add On can be done after any class, we only ask you to please respect the classes going on and not get in the way. We also would like you to chat to your coaches before you decide to jump on to the Add On part as it might be something we recommend you to wait with. If you are following the CCF Fitness program, we strongly advise you to rather do the programmed After Party sessions then the full CCF Add On until you have passed the CCF Big Dawgs Test as those "After Party Sessions" are designed to get you there.

CCF Pre & Post WOD

You will find the CCF Add On under the new "CCF Pre & Post WOD" tab in our WOD-Blog. Here you will also find recommended mobilisations for before your training sessions. As per usual your coaches will work on mobility needed for the day where applicable, but we also know that many of you come in to the boxes early and hang around for a while before the class - why not use that time to work on your performance and ensure a healthy body by improving your joints flexibility?

CCF Barbell Club - 4 week Cycle starting on the 19th of July!

At the beginning of June we officially became approved as Cape CrossFit Weightlifting Club and to celebrate that we are now setting up a cool chance for anyone wanting to improve on their Weightlifting in a specialised Club running for 8 sessions over 4 weeks. This is a draft logo for the CCF Weightlifting Club The 8 sessions will focus on Basic Weightlifting and is recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about the Olympic Lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. If you intend to do the Barbell Club we want you to not do the CrossFit WOD those days to focus on the lifting and avoid over training.

  • What: 4 Week Barbell Club Cycle with Coach Chris aimed at making you a better lifter. To improve positions we will use weightlifting blocks, and some cool versions of lifts that we don't do often in class!
  • When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18.30 for 4 weeks from 19th of July.
  • Fee: R500 for CCF Members, R1000 for non CCF Members.

I am personally very excited about what is going on in our Cape CrossFit boxes at the moment. I can honestly say that the entire community is getting faster and stronger all the time but even more importantly, MOVING better then ever and at the end of the day that is our main goal and purpose: to create functional, healthy human beings. I also believe that the above extra additions are small features in the bigger picture, but I'd like to see it as us always offering those who are hungry for more a good direction and guidelines of how to safely further live their passion for CrossFit - give me any feedback you have and I'll gladly listen. We are here for you, not the other way around. Ciao, Coach Chris 2016_01_14 cape crossfit email banner v6