CCF Skill Saturday - a great way to check where you are at and what to work on!

CCF Skill Saturday - a great way to check where you are at and what to work on!

29 March 2016

Join us this Saturday the 2nd of April to test your Skill Levels!

With the Open done and dusted we now give you a great opportunity to check your current skill level and capacity in all areas needed in CrossFit (and in life), which will also give you a great chance of identifying weak areas to work on for future achievements! We use the "CCF Big Dawgs" level as our test for when you as a member is ready to join the CCF Performance program so if you come in this Saturday you will have a great chance to know what you already got covered, what needs work and what to do to get there. But, it's not only about that, it could also just be a great way to motivate your self to reach certain milestones even if joining the CCF Performance program is not a priority for you. THE NW YOU We will first meet for 20 minutes or so and explain the purpose of the Skill Chart, how to use it, and why Virtuosity is so important! We then will have coaches ready to help you test out different gymnastic movements, weight lifts, WOD's and anything else you want to try out - the goal is to get as many skills as possible ticked off so you can easily identify where you are NOW and how to get to where you want to be in the future.


  • GARDENS: 09.00 info meeting with Coach Chris, 09.20 onwards we work on your skills!
  • NEWLANDS: 08.00 info meeting, 08.20 onwards we work on your skills!

NB: There is no Beach WOD or regular CCF Class this Saturday, but the Open gym is yours to play around in and do any WOD you'd like to.

Can't make it? Book a Skill Session with your assigned coach and do some of the tests!

All our members have a bunch of 20min Skill Sessions included in their memberships, so why don't you use yours to sit down and chat about your goals with your coach? You can use these to work on any weaknesses and also to get some assigned "home work" to improve in any area of your choice. Your Team at Cape CrossFit