CCF Skill Saturday's - 4 weeks to check your current athletic capacity!

CCF Skill Saturday's - 4 weeks to check your current athletic capacity!

04 July 2017

Join our Open Gym between 10.00-12.00 every Saturday for the month of July and Coach Chris & Coach Justin will be there helping you tick off your skills!

As you probably know by now we are huge fans of tracking our performance and categorising what's needed for each level of our programs, and in life, to call yourself a well rounded athlete.

When anyone starts with us we start already from day 1 with testing out Functional Capacity in terms of a bunch of body weight movement tests in combination with a fitness WOD - and then from there on we simply keep on tracking our progress in ALL variables of CrossFit. 

We have 5 levels to help us define ourselves as athletes, where we recommend a level to be completely filled before starting to look at the next one, Coach Glassman said it best:

"Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Power, Speed, Flexibility, Agility, Accuracy, Balance, and Coordination: you're as good as your weakest link."

OUR 5 Levels of Athletic Capacity are as follow:

  • CCF Pups - much of this level will be taught and tested already in our 2 Weeks Basics Course for new members!
  • CCF Dawgs - Once the foundational level is covered we start looking more at athletic performance and to "RX" our CCF Fitness WOD's becomes a goal for many.
  • CCF Big Dawgs - This level requires a broad athletic capacity, and we use it to test when you are ready for our CCF Performance program!
  • CCF Wolfpack - This level is what our Head Coach Chris believes will be needed to be part of a qualifying team from CCF for Regionals. (This level gets pushed forward each year due to the evolution of the sport).
  • CCF Werewolf - This is the level our Head Coach reckons will be needed to qualify for Regionals as an individual (this level also gets pushed forward each year).


All our Skill Levels will be present in our new logbooks, your coach needs to sign it off for you and by ensuring virtuosity in the movements we know that you are ready for the next level.  

Yes, you read that right: we are getting NEW Logbooks!

And we are really excited about them too!

By daily tracking of your training you will not only have an easy time when it comes to choosing loads and movement versions, but it will also be an amazing way of seeing your own progress in black & white.
You'll be able to keep track of your daily WOD's, but almost more importantly all the Benchmark WOD's, gymnastic markers, strength numbers in one place.

Another benefit is that it will be very easy for you to overview where you have strengths and weaknesses, by sitting down with one of our coaches you can easily assess where you can put in a bit more effort to become the well balanced athlete you truly want to be!

No more, flipping through your notes to find your previous score in a certain WOD - now you'll be having all your WOD-scores for our most commonly used workouts in one place!

So how do we plan to run the Skill Saturdays?

  • What? Skills testing with Coach Chris & Coach Justin.
  • Where? CCF Gardens.
  • When? 10.00-12.00, in our Open Gym.
  • What to bring? A pen and paper, an idea on what you want to test, and a big smile - this will be fun!

Simple, come in to the Open Gym and sign up on the provided list on the whiteboard with your name and WHAT you want to test, first come first served will rule.
Coach Chris & Coach Justin can also help you find areas to focus on and to test!

Anything you'll pass you will get ticked off by the coaches and then you can start filling each level up until it's time to look at the next one. We can also help you with some homework focus if it's needed, even though most recommendations will probably be the same old things that's been working since 2009 in case we find something you need to improve: be consistent in class and put in a full effort every damn day.

Hope to see many of you this Saturday in Gardens already, and then for 3 more weeks!

In here you'll be able to track your entire athletic performance, do it.