CCF Spring into Summer 2017 - NUTRITION Challenge

CCF Spring into Summer 2017 - NUTRITION Challenge

07 September 2017


From Brad who won our last Nutrition Challenge: 'Patience, perseverance, focus. The results in the end speak for themselves but you have to remain focused on the goal and maintain it, eventually it becomes so simple its just another part of your daily life. Also meal prep and timing of meals is really important.'

Spring has sprung and it is time to challenge yourselves in an area that is outside the box... We are talking about taking hold of your nutrition which will not only result in better performances, general health but also that "summer bod" that everyone is suddenly talking about. We believe that the "summer body" should be a "yearly body" but we know winter may have meant a couple extra glasses of wine (its proven to make you warmer) and perhaps a bit more comfort food than usual..?

So why not take the added motivation, incentive and community support that comes with participating in a challenge to help get you Clifton Beach ready! 

How does it work?


The CCF Nutrition Spring into Summer Challenge will be simple to sign up to, give you plenty of guidelines along the way, and in the end we will reward the ones who gets the biggest improvement in Body Composition in combination with most improved Before vs After picture (The CCF Coaches will vote on this).

It's kind of up to you how you want to approach your nutrition lifestyle during this challenge but we will recommend the principles of the WHOLE30 (a bit more on that later). As per the previous challenges it will also be incorporated into the "CCF Whole Life Challenge - Spring into Summer Edition" which means that for everyday that you are WHOLE30 compliant, you will receive one point. You will also receive bonus points for every 7 days that you are consistent with the protocol - it takes 21 days to create a habit, so why not aim for at least one 3 week stint during these 10 weeks?


We thought so, so here is how it works:

  • How do I sign up: book a session with one of the CCF Coaches to do your measurements, anytime from now until the 15th of September.
    Coach Tash will also be available in GARDENS between 11-12 each day to do measurements, first come first served.
  • What do I get: Coach Tash will send out a weekly "Habit" to guide you through these 10 weeks, and also set up a private Facebook group for those entered!
  • What do I do: Eat clean and train hard. 
  • Fee: R200 - most of it goes back to the prize pool and you can win a pretty nice sum, on top of your new body composition and lifestyle!

The fee is fairly small, especially considering that our goal is to together change the way you fuel your body forever! 

Here's some words from our last CCF Nutrition Challenge winner - Brad:

Brad Smeda (CCF Foreshore) was the winner of our CCF Whole30 - 6 week Nutrition Challenge. He lost 4% body fat, dropped 8cm off his waist and lost 6.8kg.
Firstly, well done on winning the last Nutrition Challenge! Your results were pretty damn amazing and I hope you have managed to continue on a healthy path since? 
Thank you and yeah I haven't stopped using the Whole 30 guide since the challenge 'ended' and have not stopped trying to continue on that healthy path either. As always it can get difficult at times with the busy lives we all live but I stick to it as best as possible.
You weren’t necessarily over weight or in need of dropping a lot of body fat so what made you go for the Nutrition Challenge last time? 
A few bad choices in life and an overly festive season! Haha...i read up on the Whole 30 and i liked the structure, planning and focus behind the guide and realised its exactly what i needed - which not only changed the way i eat but also changed my daily routine. Also I love to be challenged and it definitely pushed me or my body and brain to the limits on all boundries.
Tell us how you experienced the entire challenge, was it tough?
The first 2 - 3 weeks an absolute nightmare, I felt hungry, tired, no energy for anything and so angry with the world, but as time went on and all the cravings and processed foods and sugars dissappeared i learnt to live without it and only needed the good whole foods fruits and veg which then made it become easier as the challenge went on and ultimately still use daily. Another tough challenge was being in a social environment with many influences around, be it alcohol, bad food or just general bad influence it taught me I could still enjoy myself or friends without the dependence or pressure on anything or from anyone.
You lost 8kg and a load of body fat, in combination with increasing you performance multiple times over. Have you managed to obtain those results and how is your training looking now?
Maintained and have already increased performance over the past months. Training currently is looking great, working closely with Justin who understands my programme as well as my nutrition has/is paying off fantastically and every month I see improvement. 
What advise do you have for the people entering the CCF Nutrition Challenge this time?
Patience, perseverance, focus. The results in the end speak for themselves but you have to remain focused on the goal and maintain it, eventually it becomes so simple its just another part of your daily life. Also meal prep and timing of meals is really important.
Lastly, we hope to see you entering any of our 3 upcoming challenges this time around as well, which one are you the most keen about? 
Let me try out the performance Challenge this time...should be good fun and If i lose another 8kgs on the Whole 30 I could well disappear!

What do you got to lose? (Except some body fat haha).

The CCF Nutrition Challenges are run by our in-house CCF Nutritional Advisor - Coach Tashand follows a well proven model. Last time around the participants lost 3kg and 2.5% body fat on an average in only 6 weeks(!), imagine what it can do for you if you follow it for the next 10.

Coach Tash also offers 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching and have several success stories with both in-house and distance clients, if you are interested in finding out about her fees drop her an email: [email protected]  

In any way: Book your appointment to do your measurements ASAP by emailing your coaches today, we know this Challenge will be one you never forget!