CCF Spring into Summer - PERFORMANCE Challenge

CCF Spring into Summer - PERFORMANCE Challenge

08 September 2017

CrossFit is all about measurable, repeatable data - and that's exactly what this challenge is all about too!

Our CCF WOD's are sometimes really tough, and in the middle of a painful one we might once in a while ask ourselves "why am I doing this..?". Usually those thoughts disappears quickly when all the other people pushes hard around us in that class, but the times we always realise the real WHY is when we test out something we've done before - the massive improvement is always there!

The "CCF Spring into Summer - PERFORMANCE Challenge" part of our 3 Challenges is aiming at giving you a specific test to improve on and it will have two parts that will be tested right after each other:

  1. 10min AMRAP "CINDY":
    - 5 Pull Ups

    - 10 Push Ups
    - 15 Air Squats
  2. 5min to Establish:
    1RM Clean & Jerk

So first we will test out your gymnastic stamina & endurance, plus your general conditioning - and then we go straight into checking out who can lift the most from the ground to over head. Just like you've seen in some WOD's lately we simply say that you have to earn the right to lift heavy, #FitnessFirst you know..

To make it more fun, you will have plenty of categories to stand a chance to win!

Competing Categories

  • RX Best Performance
  • Modified Best Performance 
  • RX Best Improvement 
  • Modified Best Improvement 
    (All categories will have Male & Female winners)

To make it easy you will simply be divided into RX/Modified depending on how you perform the first WOD. Just like in any of our classes your coaches will help you find the right version of the WOD for you: If you need to modify any of the movements, jumping pull ups and/or assisted push ups as an example you will compete in the Modified Category. If you do the first WOD "as RX" you'll be competing in the RX Category.

How do we measure the Best Performance?

Straight forward: we simply combine your scores from when we START the Performance Challenge with your scores in the FINAL of the Challenge. If you for instance get 10 Rounds of Cindy at the start and 11 in the end, your score for A will be "21 Rounds". If you lift 100kg in the C&J at the start of the Challenge and 110 in the end your score for B will be "210kg".

We will then rank you in each of those parts and the athletes with the lowest combine ranking will win, just like in the CrossFit Games Open as an example.

On Monday we'll partner you up so you can validate each others performances, and support each other to greatness!

How do we measure Best Improvement?

To use the same numbers as above for the example: if you take your rounds of Cindy from 10 to 11 you simply get a 10% improvement, and if you take your C&J from 100 to 110kg you also get a 10% improvement. We then ADD those two % improvements together and the athletes with the biggest TOTAL improvement will win. 

Kinda makes sense to work on EVERYTHING during these 10 weeks if you want to win then, because as you know our training is aiming at making you both stronger & more conditioned, well basically... well rounded in your Fitness!

What's more fun than doing a CCF Challenge? Doing it with your friends, join us now!

In short:

  • What: 2 Fitness Markers to test at Start and Final of Challenge.
  • How: Come to any of our classes on Monday* and make sure to pay your registration fee cash.
  • START: Monday 11th of September (all our classes will run this as the WOD).
  • FINISH: Monday 21st of November
  • Period: 10 weeks.
  • Fee: R100 (all goes back to prize pool!)
  • How do I win? Show up consistently to class and you'll do great!
    *If you can't make class on Monday, make sure to book a skill session with one of the coaches during next week and we will take you through it!

We know you are already planning on coming in to train on Monday, so why not do the Challenge anyway? 

If you want to do really good in this challenge all you need to do is show up consistently to class, we know that those who sticks to the program the most gets the best results and can't wait see how much you'll smash your first scores 10 weeks from now!

PS. The winners from our last Performance Challenge all added +10kg to the max lift then (Over Head Squat) and improved their other markers many times over, you know what most of them also did? The "CCF Whole Life Challenge" where all the stuff you need to become the Fittest version of yourself is rewarded - read more about it HERE!