CCF Spring into Summer Whole Life Challenges starts next week - 10 weeks to a Healthier & Fitter you!

CCF Spring into Summer Whole Life Challenges starts next week - 10 weeks to a Healthier & Fitter you!

04 September 2017

Want to get in the best shape of your life this summer? Join our CCF Whole Life Challenges and we'll make it happen.

The CCF Whole Life Challenges is a concept that we've been running with great success for a while now - the aim is to turn our members into the Healthiest & Fittest possible versions of them self, and it seems to be working!

This time around we once again have 3 Challenges that run simultaneously for 10 weeks and the entire purpose is to guide our members towards a lifestyle that won't only get them in the shape of their lives for summer, but also a lifestyle they can keep forever.

If you aren't sure if this is for you, just look here to see how much the winners of our last challenges improved:

In summary the 3 CCF Spring into Summer Whole Life Challenges are:

  • CCF Whole Life Challenge - Spring into Summer 2017-2018 Edition, the whole package that gives you points for training, doing mobility work, eating clean, AND getting Outside to use your fitness! 
    (R100 gives you a score card that you will then fill in your self, the prices are sponsored by CCF, Reebok & Nutritech - and pretty damn amazing!)
  • CCF Spring into Summer Nutrition Challenge, based on the Whole 30 way of eating and body composition improvement is what will decide the winners.
    (R200 where most goes to the prize pool!)
  • CCF Spring into Summer Performance Challenge, 2 CrossFit markers which will display your fitness, strength, endurance and more. We'll have both an RX category and a Modified category depending on your capacity.
    (R100 where all of it goes to the prize pool)

Details, let's start with the BIG Challenge which is the #CCFWholeLifeChallenge:

What we really are looking at doing here is to turn ALL our members into winners by improving their Lifestyle through a better structure towards their own Health & Fitness.
Cape CrossFit was started as an idea to make people fit enough to handle every day life, but also to live a more active lifestyle whenever possible. With improved fitness we have seen throughout the years how our members take on challenges they probably never thought was possible before starting with us. It may be climbing mountains, playing with their kids on the beach or taking up a new sport - no challenges are too big for our members and we now want to give you all even more reason to Use Your Fitness!

  • What? A 10 week "Points Challenge" where you check in daily and fill in your score card each day for the other points.
  • How? You have 5 different ways of earning points in this challenge:
    - CCF Classes, 1p. (you must be CHECKED in via BoxChamp for a class to count) Max 6p per week.
    - 10min of Mobility, 0.5p. Every day of the week. (RomWOD counts). 
    - Eat According to the Whole 30, 1p - but you can also earn bonus points for a full week of eating clean! (We will provide you with a list of what is not ok, you give your self 0/1p each day
    - Goal Getting Sessions, 3p - Max 2 during the 10 weeks that the challenge is running (Signed off by coach).
    - 20min Outdoor Activity, 5p. Max 1 per week will give points. This has to be something that uses your fitness. A hike, a touch rugby game, a 5k run. (You must hashtag #CCFWholeLifeChallenge for the points to count).
    - CCF Adventure Missions, 10p.* These can be done at any time during the 10 weeks!
  • Entry Fee? The R50 will give you a #CCF Whole Life Score Card that you will then use to track your points. 
  • Checking in to Class for Points! To get your Attendance Points validated you simply have to Check in via the BoxChamp Station in the CCF Boxes for each training session - no Check in = no points..

* The CCF Adventure Missions is a new addition to the challenge where we will give you a few outdoor challenges to perform at a time convenient for you during these 10 weeks. The goal is to get you outdoors and the challenges wont be "easy" yet doable for all - kind of like our CrossFit program. As an example, a Lions Head hike will be one of the items on this list and we will also schedule at least one session up the mountain together for those who want some company and guidance! 


Our CCF Nutritional Advisor, Coach Tash, will be once again be running this successful challenge and each week the participants will be sent out guidelines on how to make it easy to keep a healthy lifestyle while eating healthy. This challenge do require you to stick to the Whole 30 guidelines when it comes to your eating, but it's also designed in a way where you can for instance run it for 3 weeks to "max out" your bonus points and then have a break on a weekend before going on it again. That said, the ones who stick with it the most will always get the best results!
Why do we place so much emphasis on Nutrition? Because it's foundation to everything you want to get out of your training!

  • What? 10 weeks to improve your body composition.
  • When? The "Baseline Measurements" for this challenge will be set during this coming week (4-9th of September), see the available slots for Measurements OR book a Goal Getting Session with your assigned coach to get yours! The Final Measurements will be done on the week of Saturday the 25th of November!
  • How? We reward best body composition improvement, (Body fat % lost, we don't really care about the scale), and then the coaches vote for best changes in before and after pictures.
  • Cost? R200 (cash only) - most goes back to the prize pool. Last time the winners walked away with 10x the entry fee and a new body. 

This is to some degree also the most interactive challenge where you will receive a "Weekly Nutrition Habit" to help you build healthy ways to stay "clean" for ever. There will also be a private Facebook Group, moderated by Coach Tash, for the participants in this challenge where you'll get plenty of support from each other to turn this in to a fun social experience.

If you want to get your measurements done next week you have 3 options:

  1. Chat to your Assigned Coach and set up a time to do your measurements BEFORE a class.
  2. Drop us an email at [email protected] with time options and we will try to find you a Coach for measurements.
  3. Coach Tash will also offer an Open measurement slot between 11.00-11.55 in Gardens each day this week (4-8th of September - First come, first serve will rule here.


Read more about the CCF Spring into Summer Nutrition Challenge, and Brad's amazing transformation in the last one we did, in a later blog post this week!

The CCF Spring to Summer Performance Challenge

Just show up for class in any of the 3 CCF Boxes on Monday the 11th of September and have some fun with the two fitness testers we have in store for you. Then, train as hard as you can for 10 weeks and see how much better you can become.

  • What? 2 Tests that will test your Fitness Capacity. One is a Gymnastic MetCon and one is a heavy Lift done immediately after the WOD!
  • When? The "Baselines" for these two tests will be set in ANY class on Monday the 4th of September. The Finals will be held at our Gardens Box on Friday the 25th of November!
  • How? We will have two categories of prizes, "RX", "Modified" with prizes for both "Best Performance" and "Best Improvement".
  • Cost? R100 (cash only) - all of it goes back to the prize pool. Last time the winners walked away with more than one month's membership fees!

How much stronger can you get in 10 weeks? We will test this, AND your fitness levels, gymnastic stamina and much more in our 2 Performance Testers for this Challenge!


We are behind you and your fitness journey all the way. No Excuses. Only Results. 

PS. If you are not a Cape CrossFit member yet, but keen to take on these challenges get in contact with us ASAP at [email protected] to book your free intro so we can set you up for success and you'll be able to join the challenge as soon as you become a CCF Member!