CCF v2018 - FAQ around the merge between CCF Gardens & CCF Foreshore

CCF v2018 - FAQ around the merge between CCF Gardens & CCF Foreshore

21 December 2017

In January 2018 we are opening the biggest, baddest Cape CrossFit Box Cape Town has ever seen!

Due to recent development we have decided to make a move with the aim to create the absolute best training environment ever seen in Cape Town. Our goal is simple: build the best CrossFit Box in the world.

How did this all happen?

The facility that we have been running CCF Foreshore in for the last few years is under development and from February 2018 that entire block will be redeveloped and for those reasons we know that we can't keep on running CCF Foreshore in there any longer. 
At the same time we have also carefully analysed and revised our brand strategy to the point where we actually want to gather what we consider being the best CrossFit coaches in Cape Town and South Africa under one roof - we want to give our members in town a chance to train in a facility where nothing can ever be missed, and under the watchful eye of the most educated CrossFit Coaching team on the continent!

We are in a way lucky, because we had already started planning on rebuilding our Gardens facility with more showers, toilets, and more designated workout space so we are super excited to present CCF v2018 to the public in the end of January 2018 - it will be a place that will keep you motivated for hours at the time, so please don't blame us if you spend a little bit less time at home from next year.. 


As one door closes, another one opens...

For obvious reasons we are also emotionally a bit sad to be leaving a box that has been the fitness home to close to 200 members over the last couple of years. Many memories have been built within the skew walls of 6 Bree Street, but we are convinced that by choosing the path we have now taken we will be able to build even more, and even better, memories in our "new" facilities over the unforeseeable future!

Here are some things to look forward to at our Revamped CCF Gardens facility:

  • A new entrance with a bigger Front Desk area to chill in.
  • New showers and added toilets.
  • 200m2 of new weight lifting platforms.
  • A lot of general renovations and upgrades of the entire facility.
  • A LOT of equipment, (think 16 rowers, 20 assault bikes, 8 Ski Ergs etc etc).
  • The strongest coaching team ever seen in South Africa.
  • Added speciality classes such as CCF Barbell & CCF Gymnastics.
  • A PACKED schedule with more classes than ever before.
  • Sunday Open Gyms (we'll now be the first box in Cape Town to be open 7 days per week!).

FAQ about the merge:

For natural reasons we have received a lot of questions from our current members about this merge so we hope to answer most of them here.

Could we not just have stayed in the current Foreshore Building?
Unfortunately the building is to be developed from February 2018 so that was not an option.

Could we not just have found anther facility in the Foreshore area?
We have obviously been aware of the fact that we had to move out at SOME POINT, so we have been scouting the market for quite a while. Once we found that our time frame was pretty short we did a last surge and contacted every single agent we could find and the reality is that there are no spaces to rent that is within our reasonable budget, and/or the places that are there are just not suitable at all for a CrossFit box.

Wont the classes be over crowded?
Cape CrossFit has always prided our self with our coaching quality and we would never do anything to gamble with that. We will continue to cap our classes at a limit that we know ensures that every member gets the appropriate coaching in each and every class.

But wont the classes be fully booked all the time then?
With the combined coaching teams from Gardens & Foreshore we now have plans on offering you the broadest schedule ever seen, we'll present the first version before the end of the year but we are pretty confident you will be amazed by the big amount of classes we will be offering!

I have my preferred CCF Coach that I like to train with, will I still be able to do that?
Yes. We plan a schedule where your coaches will be coaching at similar times as before, and not only will you get to train with your favourites still but you will also get an epic benefit of getting to work with more very experienced coaches. Our entire team is highly passionate about making you the best version of yourself so we can't wait to see how much you'll improve with more input from our entire super knowledgable coaching team!

What about the "parking situation" in Gardens?
We are aware that the streets around the building do get quite busy during peak hours and we are looking at different solutions to partner with parking spaces in the area. For now the best bet is either the German Club (R20 per day) or finding a spot somewhere in the streets around the box.

Will the CCF Programming be effected negatively? 
Negative (haha). With the added equipment stock and machine parks from both Gardens & Foreshore in one facility our Head Coach and programmer Coach Chris will instead be able to be even more creative and we think you are going to "love" the new direction the program is now taking! Uh-oh.. 

But I like training with my friends at CCF Foreshore, we are a great community, wont this stop that?
We honestly believe that this will only enhance your experience on a social level. Of course each CrossFit box has it's "own culture". But, at the same time we also happen to know that all members at CCF, no matter which box they train at, is very much the same good people. Every single time we have brought the community together we see more similarities than differences and we know that the energy we expect to see when the two boxes become one will be electric!

At the end of it, we are super excited about bringing you the best possible Fitness & Health experience out there.

Me and Justin are crazy excited to finally get to work together on the CCF Class floor on a daily basis!

We are well aware that these changes may come like a big surprise to some of our members, and we are also very understanding if your first reaction to this is not necessarily as positive as ours. But, we honestly believe that this change of direction for our brand is 100% a positive one. We truly believe that we will be able to deliver even better training in our new revamped "super box" and we are determined to make your experience one that is so good that you simply don't want to leave the box every single day..

Our coaches shirts has a mantra that we got from Coach Glassman himself and we are positive that we are now enforcing it even more:
Doing all the right things, for all the right people, for all the right reasons.

We wish you and your families a very happy holiday season, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions what so ever in regards of all this exciting stuff.

Coach Chris and the entire Team at Cape CrossFit