CCF Werewolves Extra Volume Program

CCF Werewolves Extra Volume Program

07 September 2014

So, we have been talking about it for quite a while and I am very excited to announce that we are finally starting our "Werewolf Extra Volume Program"! warewolf-wallpaper-11  

Time to unleash the beasts.

Who should be following this program?

Let me start with saying that not everyone should be following this program, correction: most people actually shouldn't. Weird way of selling a program huh? ;) Well, let me explain what I mean: The CCF Werewolf program is designed for athletes that want to take their CrossFit to the next level, but it is extremely important that anyone considering to follow this program understands that it is a program built on extra volume for VERY competitive athletes that have already reached a certain level. I personally have requirements for my athletes (see below) that they have to fulfil before jumping on this program, and I recommend anyone reading this to follow those requirements 100%.

Who should not be following this program?

Most people. Weird again, but listen now: Most people, (like +95% of the population in any CrossFit gym) will actually benefit the absolutely most by simply showing up to class and working really hard on the task at hand in the daily WOD - once a day. Most people would simply start performing way worse if they chose to jump on a program like this before they are ready, and most people would probably never have a need for an extra volume program like this. Another thing: This is not a substitution for the Advanced Classes program, ever. It is neither something you should be following if you can't make all Advanced Classes in a week. We require full participation in class Monday - Wednesday, Thursday is active recovery, and then classes again Friday - Saturday. Sunday is R.E.S.T.D.A.Y.

Do I even want anyone to follow this program!?

Yes. Some of our athletes have reached a certain level, both in terms of physical capacity but also in terms of commitment towards CrossFit as their sport/lifestyle, where I see that a program like this can take them even further. It is no secret that you get good at what you practice, and when all the stars are aligned (read nutrition, recovery, healthy body, etc), adding training CAN improve your fitness. Now, this training that you want to add have to be very well balanced to the main training you do and I have a really cool template ready for the few of my athletes that I will recommend/allow to follow this program!

Requirements for CCF Athletes

These requirements are non negotiable, and we trust that all our athletes will respect this 100%.

  • 2-3 Months of Advanced Class training, with at least 5 classes per week. You need to be ready for this volume, and the Advanced Classes themselves already contains a higher volume than our regular classes.
  • Being able to tick off at least 5, preferably 10 Skills on our "Werewolf" level in our Skill Chart. These can be picked up at any of our boxes and will be uploaded to the webpage ASAP.
  • Approval by your Head Coach, that's me. I want to make sure that you know what you are getting into here before you jump on something like this. Drop me an email and I'll explain, or book a meeting with you if needed.
  • Understands and follow the prescribed intensity. If it says 75% effort, you are not meant to spend 10 minutes after the workout grasping for air on the floor. If it says Zone 1 (SLOW), you will do more harm than good by trying to "get as many calories in as possible" or similar.
  • Follow the recommended rest periods between workouts. This is really important, you need to rest enough to not limit your performance in workout #2 of the day. If you can not rest +6 hours when the program requires you to, don't do the extra workout..
  • Respect the rest days. NO extra training on Sundays unless your coaches says so.

We also demand 100% approach to CrossFit as your sport, this means that you are:

  • Eating well. Come to us if you need help. With extra volume in your training you also need more calories in terms of intake.
  • Sleeping at least 8 hours per night. "But I usually feel fine with 6-7 hours". I don't care. If you don't rest enough to recover, you will first of all perform worse - but even worse inevitably hurt yourself.
  • Listen to your body and understand when you need to back off on a certain movement to avoid injuries. Once again, non negotiable. I'm a firm believer that if the form is good, injuries only happen when athletes chose to "work through it". If your shoulder is a bit "niggly" during Diane, you aren't doing HSPU. Period.
  • Keeping track of your results. You want to be competitive? Don't guess what your 1RM Push Press is the next time I ask you to perform 5 sets of 5 @ 75%..

OK, I understand that this is not for everyone, but how do I get there?

Well, honestly, you may never need to "get there". Doing CrossFit in our regular classes, and perhaps in the future in the Advanced Classes, have proven over and over again to constantly keep on providing amazing results. Our athletes are getting stronger and fitter every day and that will never cease happening. However, if your goal is to get to a very competitive level one day in your life, this is what you do:

  • Show up to class early and work on your performance (mobility, activations etc).
  • Eat well, sleep well, well do all the things that are listed above.
  • Chat to your Coaches on how to attack your personal weaknesses. Book a Skill Session, it's free and included in your membership, and get a homework to start becoming more well rounded.

So, where is this programming taking me?

Right now, in the very beginning, the extra volume won't be THAT high. There will be a transition phase to get the athletes following it used to doing two workouts a day that is starting with some basic capacity work in terms of mono structural aerobic work. Once the capacity work is done, you might start seeing some basic "CrossFit movements" in here, but more it is very unlikely that you will ever see a Benchmark workout programmed as "extra volume" for instance.

A personal note.

I have been a fairly competitive athlete myself for years now, and I speak from experience when I say this: Your training have to be FUN, and it have to be what you WANT to do. Don't think that this is what you HAVE to do at any stage. Neither as a recommendation from us at Cape CrossFit to anyone, nor as something needed to become a better athlete. As explained above, most athletes will never NEED to train twice a day to experience insane improvements and still be able to compete in the sport we all love! This step in our journey is simply a small part of what we do - allowing for all the different type of athletes we have among our members to pursuit exactly what their goals with their CrossFit training is. Coach Chris