CCF Whole Life Challenge - Spring into Summer 2017 edition starts Monday!

CCF Whole Life Challenge - Spring into Summer 2017 edition starts Monday!

06 September 2017

Want to become the Healthiest & Fittest YOU this summer?

Of course you do, sign up for our epic "CCF Whole Life Challenge" and we can guarantee that you will be the best version of yourself in just 10 weeks!

The CCF Whole Life Challenge is the biggest of 3 challenges where we also have a separate CCF Spring into Summer Nutrition Challenge, and a CCF Spring into Summer Performance challenge running simultaneously. This one will obviously combine those two as well as it is a "whole package solution to a new fit and healthy lifestyle" so get on it!

Let me start by introducing my self: I'm Chris and I'm the Head Coach at Cape CrossFit. I moved to Cape Town from Stockholm, Sweden, almost 8 years ago and the number one reason was that I fell in love with this amazing city and all it has to offer. 
When I moved here I started my CrossFit journey and my main goal was to become a highly competitive athlete, and even though I did succeed in that, what I'm the most happy about is that I already then started to "use" what Cape Town has to offer on a weekly basis. I used to get up Lions Head, for time obviously, at least once a week, I often did Hill Sprints wherever I could find a decent hill and I even joined a Hiking Club with a friend where an retired Dutch man took a group of people up various peaks around Cape Town. Through this I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of Cape Town's beauty, yet not even close to it all!

The reason why I'm telling you this is that we at Cape CrossFit believe that Capetonians in general often miss out on the amazing lifestyle that is on offer here - right outside our doorsteps!

Cape Town has an amazing scenery and accessibility to some of the most epic adventures in the world, and that is literally within a short drive from the very city centre. We have mountains to climb, beaches to either chill on or conquer with physical activities, many places to run, bike or even swim (even though the freezing ocean might be a bit much for some of us haha), and so on.

But here's the thing, often do we get caught up in life, or even worse live a lifestyle that doesn't give us the physical capacity to actually enjoy these things - which if you ask me is the very point of living..

And if a new lifestyle is not enough to catch your attention, maybe our first "CCF Whole Life Challenge"-winner Colin's story is? When we ran the first version of this challenge, almost exactly one year ago, Colin decided to go for it. The very first day he tried to run 5k, but had to stop after 2km. Long story short: just the other week Colin ran a 10k sub 55min, he has lost plenty of weight, now bangs out kipping pull ups in workouts (from not being able to do a single pull up one year ago), and is our "go to guy" when it comes to life changing stories - we even have a hashtag named after him: #BeLikeColin is a good motto for anyone.

Enter the "CCF Whole Life Challenge" - here's how it works!

That's where this challenge comes into play. We at Cape CrossFit build amazing capacities and physiques on a daily basis in our way of training at our gyms. We also know that by eating the right way and taking care of our bodies, everything we "should" be doing as human beings becomes more accessible to us.

And to promote that the CCF Whole Life Challenge is built around all those parameters, AND with directions of how to live an active lifestyle in our beautiful city!

The Challenge is starts on Monday the 11th of September and lasts for 10 weeks. You pay your entry fee of R100 and get a score card to fill in daily where you can get points for simply taking care of yourself (see below).
The cool thing about it is that we know that 10 weeks is a long time so there are plenty of ways of collecting points, and as much as we believe that those that are the most consistent over these 10 weeks will get the best results, we also know that by at least hitting your markers +80% of the time you'll get some AMAZING results and win a new Lifestyle on top of it.

You get points for any of these variables:

  • Train in our classes - 1p.
  • Do your daily mobility - 1p.
  • Eat Whole30* - 1p.
  • Do your Goal Getting sessions with your coach - 3p.
  • #CCFWholeLifeChallenge - 5p.
  • The "CCF Missions" - 10p.

Train in our CCF Classes: Best possible way to become as healthy & fit as possible? Do CrossFit. So obviously we will give you points for this. You simply get 1 point automatically every time you Check In at the box for a class, and you can earn up to 6 points per week!

Do your daily Mobility: By taking care of your body we know that your training results will become better, but we also know that you will feel better. You can chose to either do our "CCF Pre-WOD", "Rom-WOD" or simply a +10 minute Yoga/Mobility session on your own and you'll get 1p for that too. (Up to 7p per week).

Eat Whole 30: Now this one is important. If you look at Greg Glassman's Fitness Pyramid, Nutrition is of the very base of how we build your physical capacity for a reason. If we don't eat we die, but also if we put the wrong fuel into the machinery we'll run on very low energy and can easily create "engine failures", or even worse: diseases known as correlates to our current way of eating. 
By eliminating anything that could be bad for you*, we simply give you 1 point per day - AND we give you bonus points for being consistent over 7, 14 & 21 days in a row!
*In the next blog post we'll cover what to eat and what not to eat, plus we'll take a look at what the previous winner has to say about the Nutrition Challenge!

Goal Getting Sessions with our CCF Coaches: By meeting up with your Coach for 30 minutes we know that we can help you stay motivated and identify areas for you to focus on in these challenges. We simply give you 3p (up to two times during the 10 weeks) for sitting down and chatting about your training with someone that wants you to succeed, kind of an open goal if you ask us.

#CCFWholeLifeChallenge: By simply getting outdoors and performing some physical activity we believe that you are doing exactly what you should be doing, so if you perform an activity that is +20 minutes long (and it has to be some kind of activity) you'll get 5 points up to once a week!
You must post something in social media with #CCFWholeLifeChallenge in there so we can note and approve your activity.

Our Saturday Beach WOD's will definitely count for your Outdoors Activity points, they'll be back towards the end of October!

CCF Missions: We will give you 5 "Adventures" to complete sometime during these 10 weeks, and we'll give you a whopping 10 points for each of them!
Please approach these with caution. If you are inexperienced on the mountains rather join one of our "Guided Sessions" (see below) and make sure you are well equipped with water, snacks and clothing. Do NOT go alone, but make sure to bring at least one friend to make sure you have company should you need assistance.

The outdoor Missions & #CCFWholeLifeChallenge

To tie it all together, these are the ones I am so excited about. Cape Town is meant to be explored and like mentioned in the very beginning I really wish that these challenges will help more of our members experience the amazing beauty of this amazing city!

We give a lot of points for these two areas because we want to nudge you in the right direction: get outdoors.

On top of that me and my team of coaches and members will organise specific "Guided Sessions" for all of the below missions so that you can do them safely and with good company - this is especially important if you haven't done a specific one before as we can't stress safety on the mountain and beaches enough!

These are the 5 "CCF Missions" to be performed during the 10 week challenge (they all give 10p each):

  1. Lions Head Hike
  2. 5k Unbroken Off Road Run
  3. Indian Venstre Hike/Climb
  4. 30min Unbroken Beach Run
  5. Biskop Stairs (above Clifton), up and down twice - rest as needed haha!
    You must tag us in social media with a photo of you during these missions for the points to count.

This was from one of our member's morning hike up Lions Head the last time we did the #CCFWholeLifeChallenge.

I myself love these different missions, even though Biskop Stairs will actually be a first for me too, and I truly believe that if you get all of them done you will see your city in a new light - AND of course gain a tonne of fitness with them as well!

Keep your eyes open for the dates and times for our specific guided sessions where you can join us and do it together. 

Lastly, by training hard, eating well, doing your daily "body maintenance", and getting outdoors we know that you will simply become the best version of yourself - and you will also gain a lifestyle that can be kept forever.

Remember that as much as we know that our way of training is the best way to get really fit, we also want you to use that fitness in your everyday life. Go out there and tell the world about how you are living your life to the fullest, you never know who you might inspire to do the same!

Coach Chris