CCF Whole Life Challenge - Summer 2017 edition!

CCF Whole Life Challenge - Summer 2017 edition!

23 January 2017

Want to change your lifestyle for ever? These 3 CCF Challenges will make it happen.

Over the last couple of years we have had some amazing success with our different Challenges for our members, but none have had such a profound effect on our members lifestyle as last years "CCF Whole Life Challenge" - so obviously we want to repeat the success again!

It doesn't matter if you are completely new to Cape CrossFit or if you have been with us for years, the below 3 combined challenges WILL help you get healthier and fitter than ever while guiding you towards an active lifestyle that we believe everyone wants deep inside..

Why 3 challenges?

Well, it's not to make money.. The small fees we charge for the challenges are there to make you commit to yourself to follow the guidelines of each challenge, and besides that most of the money goes back to the prize pools that you can win anyway!

No, we do these challenges in 3 versions because we believe that together they can really have the biggest possible impact on your health & lifestyle.

  • CCF Nutrition Challenge - Focus on ONLY eating healthy food sources to increase performance and health!
  • CCF Performance Challenge - Train regularly and improve your performance level in all areas!
  • CCF Whole Life Challenge - And this is the big one where we combine it all to a Lifestyle challenge.

Let's start with the big one - The CCF Whole Life Challenge.

This challenge is designed to give you a full introspection of your own lifestyle. You give yourself points for different daily "Good Habits" and in the end you can walk away with great prizes from CCF, Reebok & Nutritech - but more importantly than that a healthy and active lifestyle that most can only dream about!

This is how it works, you get a Score Card where you give yourself points for different areas:

  • Training in the box: 1p per day (max 6p per week).
    You need to get these sessions signed off by your coach.
  • Doing your daily Mobility - minimum of 10min: 0.5p per day.
  • Eating according to the Whole 30 - This part can give MANY points this time around:
    - 1p per day of full compliance
    - 3 extra points for 7 consecutive days
    - 6 extra points for 14 consecutive days
    - 9 extra points for 21 consecutive days.
  • Your Weekly Outdoor Physical Activity - minimum of 20min to count: 10p per week.
    To get your points validated you most tag us in your Social Media Posts with #CCFWholeLifeChallenge

So the way it works is that you buy your scorecard for R50 in any of our boxes and then start collecting points from Monday the 30th of January!

This challenge is based on an honesty system, but it's quite easy for us to pick out the guys who really does the real work due to the amazing results they are getting.

Why so much focus on the Nutrition part? What is the Whole 30.

To make it easy to understand, let's just take a part from the blogpost being posted tomorrow from our CCF Nutritional Advisor Coach Tash:

This 6 week challenge is centered exclusively around the Whole30 protocol and only the Whole30 protocol. We are taking it back to the old school days where every new member jumped onboard with the challenge as soon as they left their CCF Basics course - no fancy LCHF, IIFYM, Atkins, Primal + Paleo with a sprinkle of No Meat Monday or whatever. Plan, simple and results giving WHOLE30.


Because its works. 
Because admist all the crazy diet plans, juice cleanses and other gimmicks we have forgotten that keeping it simple is the best. 
Because its time to take our health and nutrition a little bit more seriously.

How does this one work?

  • You do Body Measurements & Before Pictures with Coach Tash on allocated times in each box (Schedule to be posted tomorrow).
  • You pay your R200 fee to enter, most of it goes back to the prize pool!
  • You follow the Whole 30 for the duration of the 6 weeks and your body and performance will change DRASTICALLY, while you walk away with the top prize!

Easy enough right? To make it even easier Coach Tash will also send out a weekly newsletter (that only the participants in the challenge will get full access to) stuffed with tips for how to get the right amount of energy from your food, how to prepare healthy food so it tastes amazing, how to plan your daily nutritional intake (aka Food Timing) to best suit YOUR CrossFit training, and much more. Those newsletter alone can be the very thing that sets you up for a lifelong success with your nutrition.

You sign up with Coach Tash and at the end of the challenge she will take your end measurements and after pictures again, then the numbers will tell us who has transformed the most (not necessarily lost the most weight, but rather changed their body fat percent the most) and the CCF Coaches will also vote for best changes in Before & After pictures.

The CCF Performance Challenge - stay consistent and reap the rewards!

If you look at the above CCF Whole Life Challenge you note that we reward consistent training. You can get one point per day for up to 6 times per week of doing CCF Classes, and this is because we KNOW that with consistency comes great result. 

On Monday the 30th we will test out some cool benchmarks to start the challenge with and then after the 6 weeks are over we will simply retest the numbers and see who is Performing the best in different categories (RX/Modified) and also who has improved the most in said categories.

These tests will consist of:

  1. A Gymnastic Max Effort.
  2. A 1RM Weight Lift.
  3. A short but Conditioning demanding WOD.

You can enter the challenge for R50 and all entry fees goes straight back to the prize pool, last years winners walked away with a bit more than a months membership fee - pretty sweet to train hard and get paid for it.. ;)

What if I know that I can't get "full points" in an area..?

Maybe it's your best friends wedding in the middle of the challenge and you know you gotta party? Maybe you'll be travelling for a week and you know you gonna miss out on classes? Or maybe you are one of our Base Members and can "only" train 3 times per week according to the membership agreement?

Don't worry. The truth is that not a single one of last years winners of the CCF Whole Life Challenge got full points anyway. But if you remember Colin, who went from not being able to jog 2k to run a 10k in just over an hour, or Caitlin who improved in every single area of fitness and still trains 5 days per week in the early morning classes, then you might remember that what they won was not only the cool prizes - but more importantly the Lifestyle change they so desperately were looking for!

This edition of the CCF Whole Life Challenge will reward eating well more, it will also give even more points for the weekly Outdoor Activity. Why? Well, we love the fact that our boxes are hitting record attendance right now (classes are fully booked to the right, left and centre), but what we really want you to understand is that our way of training is only truly amazing if it allows you to live a fuller and healthier life outside of the gym.

Join us in these challenges and let's change your life too.