CCF Whole Life Nutrition Challenge - Good food on a budget.

CCF Whole Life Nutrition Challenge - Good food on a budget.

16 February 2017

Good food on a budget.

When it’s cheaper to grab fast food than to prepare a meal at home, its no wonder that many people tend to put their  nutrition on the back burner due to cost.

As much as we advocate that good quality food should be a financial priority as being tired, overweight and unhealthy is pretty “expensive” as well, we realise that many have to prioritise a bit differently and may need help stretching their food budget.

What should you prioritize? Protein, carbs, fats? And once you have the basics, where to from there? Organic vs Free Range vs Grass fed? 

We have the info you need to make your decisions easier so lets start with the macronutrient that should be your first priority: 

Priority One: Protein

The majority of your budget should be spent on high quality protein sources, think meat, eggs and fish.

Best Choice: Grass fed, organic, pastured and wild caught. If you can afford to, buy in bulk and freeze the extra for later.

Good choice: If grass fed and pastured meat is a little bit too much out of your budget aim for the ruminant animals (beef, lamb, goat, venison etc), fish and eggs FIRST. Then go for chicken and pork second. Aim to eat the leanest cuts available and trim these of fats and skin before eating. 

Avoid: All commercially raised processed meats (bacon, sausage, deli meat etc)


Priority Two: Produce


This is a preview of the material being sent put the the participants of the CCF WHOLE30 Nutrition Challenge. In order to get access to the full content you will need to sign up with for the challenge. Please get in touch with Coach Tash if you would like to be included.