Coach Justin's Euro Trip Fundraiser - come for the FUN, walk away with some cool prizes from our sponsors!

Coach Justin's Euro Trip Fundraiser - come for the FUN, walk away with some cool prizes from our sponsors!

05 April 2019

Saturday the 13th of April, the place to be? CCF Gardens!

As you may know Coach Justin has qualified for not one, but TWO Sanctioned events and will be travelling to take part in first the CrossFit Italian Showdown on the 25-27th of April in Milan, Italy and then the following weekend the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship on the 3-5th of May in Reykjavik, Iceland!

Justin during Regionals 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

Justin, who recently finished second in the country(!) in the Open, is going with the intent to get more experience on the international scene while obviously aiming at placing as high as possible while competing against some of the best athletes in the world!
This is all a part of the plan where we aim to see Justin grabbing a qualifying spot for the highest level of our sport, the CrossFit Games, within the next 12-18 months - and now he needs your help to get there.

What is this Fundraiser?

Mainly a chance for Justin to surround himself with a lot of good people to send him off on his Euro Trip, and of course to raise some funds to support the trip. But also an epic opportunity to throw down against, and with, Justin to give him a good push in his last preparation for these competitions.

  • Entry Fee: R50 (cash ONLY, at the reception at CCF HQ or at the door)
  • Challenge Justin Individually: R50 (cash ONLY at the reception during the week or at the door - spots are limited see more info below)
  • Take part in the FUN Team Events in a team of 4, we'll put you in one (no extra fee)
  • Buy a Raffle Ticket (either R380 for a ticket + a T-shirt OR R200 for a raffle ticket alone)

These epic shirts can become yours if you purchase them with the Raffle Ticket!

Who can/should challenge Justin in the Individual Events this day?

Anyone who likes to get their butt kicked? Jokes aside, the individual events will be based on the so far released events for the Italian Showdown (check their Instagram HERE!), and due to the nature of them spots are limited so make sure you sign up ASAP if you intend to take part!

NB: The events will also allow a scaled variation for anyone that might not have the capacity to do them RX yet but still wanting to throw down.

And the Raffle, how does that work?

We'll sell tickets all the way up until the event, and then at around 12.00 when all the fun team WODs are done we'll do our raffle lucky draw!
Winners will get to choose which of the below packs they want as they get drawn, in the end we'll have a lot of winners as you can see.

5x1 Personal Coaching Sessions (60min) with Justin himself, valued at R800 each!

3x Nutritech Hamper worth +R1,000.

A bunch of prizes from IHASA, including 3x Dermapen Threatments, 1x Vitamin Drip Treatment, 1x PRP Treatment.


An epic Cobra Experiencevalued at R1,500.

A cool Cape CrossFit Pack: T-Shirt, Grips, Socks & a Cap - valued at R1,500.

In the end we hope to see as many as possible of you there next Saturday and hope you bring some friends and family too to send Justin off with some amazing support, if you win a prize or not we can at least promise you some things: You'll get to push yourself, will have a good time, and will walk away fitter then you were before after throwing down with the Juggernaut for a morning!