Competing at FiCT? Welcome to Cape CrossFit for your pre-comp prep!

Competing at FiCT? Welcome to Cape CrossFit for your pre-comp prep!

18 January 2019

Travelling CrossFitters needs a place to train, and at CCF you got one.

We've been fortunate enough to get to travel the world while competing at Regionals, Games and various competitions and often been welcomed with open arms at other CrossFit Affiliates to do our last preparations before a competition so we'd like to give back!

We have 3 workout rooms with a total of approximately 750m2 of workout space, including a platform room of about 150m2 of weightlifting platforms. 

We also have all the equipment you might need including a tonne of Assault Bikes, all Concept 2 Ergs (Row, Ski, Bike), Sleds, Worms, Pegboards - you name it. As long as you are respectful of classes taking priority if using said equipment in our daily program, and please put it back where it belongs, you are welcome to use it all!

If you are registered to compete at CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2019 you are welcome to come and train at our CCF Gardens (HQ) box from Monday the 21st of January where we have opened up 4 slots a 2.5h each for the competitive athletes to train at:

  • 06.00-08.30am
  • 09.00-11.30am*
    Break for our regular classes
  • 14.00-16.30*
  • 17.00-19.30
    *Please note that during our daytime slots we have a restriction against dropping heavy weights in one of our 3 workout rooms. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are closed on Sunday the 27th for the "Ben Bergeron's Affiliate of Excellence 2.0"-seminar - but will instead open up our Century City box for competing athletes between 09.00-12.00!

Competing Athletes only.

For natural reasons we'll have to restrict this to competing athletes only, Coaches & friends of the Athletes & Teams are however very welcome to join our awesome regular classes with our drop in policy explained at the bottom here:


We've received plenty of requests for people to come and train at our place so please make sure to email/call us to book your slots. We have opened up for up to 40 athletes per slot and will cordon off some areas for your training. 

EMAIL BOOKING: [email protected]
PHONE BOOKING: +27 (0)21-461 02 43

We have the lists of competing athletes and team captains at our Front Desk so when you book your sessions you simply need to let us know who you are and we'll book you in. Since the teams will have 4 athletes registered we'd need all four names when making a booking.

We look forward to hosting the massive FiCT Community and our members are excited to share their home with you!