Competition Day Nutrition

Competition Day Nutrition

31 January 2016

JPEG image-3A573BACFFF2-1 2   Next weekend is Fittest in Cape Town and amidst all the craziness of new PB's’, first muscle ups and strategy talks, I have been asked a lot what I would suggest that a competitor eats throughout the weekend.  First of all: Do not over think things and PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING! Now is not the time to try a new Pre-Workout or Energy Drink. - if your face starts tingling and you feel like your skin is crawling because you saw (Insert Instagram handle) taking XAMINO PURE RAGE ANTLER HORN 3000 during WODAPALOOZA and thought it was a good idea to try it out, I will happily say I told you so and then be very disappointed in you. 1799950_655029851225989_1208494971_o-2 Here are my general recommendations for competition day eating, if you are competing as an individual and need some more information catered for you specifically pop me a mail, but for the team athletes keep it simple:

  • Water.

Lots of water. It's summer in CT and I am pretty sure most WODS are gonna be outdoors. Stay hydrated please.

  • Solid breakfast.

Depending on when your heat is aim to have your breakfast about 1 - 2 hours before your first event. Think healthy carbs here (I am a huge fan of Proats - protein powered in oats) if you don't do grains, fruit is also a great source of carbs.

  • More water and possibly BCCA (if you usually use them).

Team events won't be too long (I hope hahaha) so stick to your usual water or BCAA combo that you usually sip on during your WODS. Again, individuals or those doing my nutrition plan we can chat intra WOD shakes etc.

  • Small meal.

Eat something pretty light inbetween your WODs - of timing allows it, the last thing you want is your stomach to have a party while you trying  to do a high intensity Metcon. Again, keep it super simple - a protein shake and banana. We looking for carbs and protein here -  so even half a protein bar could suffice. The goal is to make sure you eat enough to keep you fueled but not so much that you puke on your judge. So to wrap it up: quick and light carbs and protein sources in between events like a protein shake/Biltong etc coupled with a banana/fruit. If you have enough to time between then you can aim for a more substantial kind of meal - like a Wholefood Pantry Burger and sweet potatoes. In order to help you not eat like an asshole here are some good food options: Carb sources:

  • Bananas or pretty much any fruit. You can even eat those silly baby food pouches but bananas are cheaper ;)
  • Oats
  • Sweet Potato
  • Rice


  • Protein powder
  • Lean meat
  • Biltong

Try stay away from:

  • Too much coffee/not enough coffee ;)
  • Donuts or any high sugary type pastry/sweets 
  • Dairy (Whey is an exception, but a Peanut butter bomb in between close WODS is a fail)
  • Not eating at all.

Also remember that everyone is different and what works for some, doesn't for others. YOU must test out what works for you, and preferably way before the competition. Make sure you eat a big awesome meal on Friday and Saturday filled with good carbs, fats and protein and then hit the sack for 8 hours of sleep. Then on Sunday come party and celebrate another awesome weekend with the South African CrossFit community.    See you guys next week! Good luck. Coach Tash CrossFit Level 2 Trainer CCF Nutrition Advisor