Control your direction of change.

Control your direction of change.

03 January 2019

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success. "

Pablo Picasso


Whilst we at Cape CrossFit have always encouraged goal setting (you have Goal Setting Sessions that are actually written into your contract) we have never and still do not make a big hoohaa about New Year's Resolutions as we prefer to establish, adjust or set new goals throughout the course of the year.

That being said, there is no arguing that the New Year IS a good time to establish goals. It symbolises a new start, a time to wipe the old slate clean and reflect on the year to come.

But the difference between a New Year Resolution, claimed loudly in bravado while sipping cocktails poolside at 17:00 on the 31st December, and the goal setting we are encouraging is that merely declaring a goal is not enough.

You need a plan of execution. Without one you are left without any commitment behind the resolution and no defined means of support to accomplish it.


Here’s what we do when we set our goals for the New Year (and any other time of the year):

  • Long Term Goal: Start off identifying your outcome. Try and be as specific as possible, this has proven to be more motivational. I.e “I want to get leaner and more toned” as opposed to “I want to lose 5kg” Start
  • Pinpoint your Why:Evaluate why you want to achieve this. When times get tough, reflecting on your why is a great driver to moving forward and persevering.
  • Short term goals: Identify short terms goals that are challenging but doable. We want to feel empowered and successful at the start and use that confidence throughout the process. It can be as simple as keeping a food diary for a week or eliminating all soft drinks from our diet.
  • Strategy: Identify your procedural goals or the strategy and and process you will need to execute. These can be habits you need to learn and improve on - and this is where having a coach comes in. We help you develop these strategies and adapt them as your progress. If your short term goal was to track your food intake a good process could be to limit eating out during the first week so you can have a 100% accurate log of food intake. Or you could set a reminder to take photos of your meals to send to your coach.
  • Assess and reassess: Identify your wins - the scale, progress photos, energy levels, mood etc Look at any areas that you struggled in or could be improved upon further. Ask yourself the following:

- What logistical constraints are making it difficult for you to achieve your goals?

- What behaviors are making it difficult for you to achieve your goals?

- Who is making it difficult for you to achieve your goals?

  • Completing or not completing the goal. If the latter, reassess and objectively look at why you did not meet your goal. This is a great time to take what you have learnt and set new goals and create more efficient plans for success.

Grab yourself this goal setting worksheet, fill it it and get cracking!

Book you goal getting session or skill session with your coach to help you create a plan for your fitness goals and if you find that you need an objective ally in your corner who can offer you accountability and advice in regards to your nutrition please get in touch with us [email protected]