Details for the CCF Wolfpack Fun(d)Raiser this Saturday the 13th of May!

Details for the CCF Wolfpack Fun(d)Raiser this Saturday the 13th of May!

08 May 2017

The Wolfpack is heading to Madrid for the CrossFit Games Regionals and they need your help to get there!

Just like last year we are already overwhelmed with all the help and support the team has received. Travel and accommodation is always expensive for us, but with the support of the bigger CrossFit community we are positive we can make it happen for our 7th straight Regionals Competition!

We have set up a few different channels to support the team, where being part of the weekends Fun(d)Raiser is obviously your best bet to not only help out but also have a GREAT time competing with the Wolfpack. 

The CCF Wolfpack in Caja Magica in Madrid last year!


Here's the details for the Saturday Event:

  • 8-9am - COMPETE AGAINST THE WOLFPACK - R180 per Team (3 men/3 women):
    We will chose one of the released workouts from this years Regionals and simply let you challenge the Wolfpack team. 
    If any team beats the Wolfpack we add 180 calories to their Assault Bike "pay back"!
    Please send an email to [email protected] if you have a team that wants to compete!
  • 9am onwards - ENTRY TO THE CCF WOLFPACK Fun(d)Raiser - R50:
    This will give you entry to the Event and we will put you in one of the 6 teams Captained by each of the Wolfpack members, small fee for getting some great workouts in and having FUN with the bigger CrossFit Community!
    If you purchase the CCF Wolfpack Supporter T-shirt/Vest this fee is waived!
  • Buy a CCF Wolfpack 2017 SUPPORTER T-shirt/Vest AND a Raffle Ticket - R500:
    Just like last year we will be selling our supporter Tees with the proceeds being given straight to the Wolfpack to support their travels.
    Not only do you get an exclusive Supporter T, but you also get a raffle ticket that gives you the chance to win some EPIC prizes from our sponsors!
    The T-shirt and Vests will be produced over the next couple of weeks so you'll get a voucher and can then collect the Shirt/Vest as soon as they are done.

    NB: Please note that all payments are to be made up front and through cash only!

The Wolfpack is in hard training for the Regionals, can you beat them? :)

Raffle Prizes - to be disclosed this week leading up to the Fun(d)Raiser:

But you wont be disappointed! How about a weekend stay at a luxury accommodation up the West Coast? Or a fancy dinner for 2 at our favourite meat restaurant in Cape Town? Or why not Free training at Cape CrossFit? As per usual we have some EPIC surprise prizes from our partners to disclose this week so keep your eyes open and get your Raffle Tickets asap!

The tickets can already now be bought at our different Cape CrossFit Boxes - you'll get a voucher number which will then be turned into a raffle ticket on Saturday. And yes, you can win the prizes without attending even though we obviously hope to see you on Saturday!

Can't be there or want to help out - buy the Wolfpack Assault Bike Calories!

To further help the Team we have set up a GoFund page and we are completely overwhelmed by the support and funds received through it already!

For every R10 donated through the GoFund the Wolfpack will complete 1 Calorie on the Assault Bike, as a team. They'll have ONE bike and one bike only and we reckon it might take them a few hours since we are already passed 1500 Calories!!

We hope to gather a big part of the CrossFit community in Cape Town for a day filled with fun training and socialising. The WOD's will be easy enough to do for anyone so you can bring friends and family even if they have never done CrossFit before - all in all we hope to see as many of you as possible in our Cape CrossFit Gardens Box this coming Saturday, you can let us know you will attend by attending the Facebook event here:

Drop us an email to [email protected] if you have ANY questions regarding the event OR if you want to get involved and sponsor some cool prizes for our Raffle!