Early Bird entries for the "CCF Own Your Lifestyle" - 8 Week Nutrition Challenge, stand a chance to win 12 months of FREE Training at Cape CrossFit!

Early Bird entries for the "CCF Own Your Lifestyle" - 8 Week Nutrition Challenge, stand a chance to win 12 months of FREE Training at Cape CrossFit!

14 January 2019

We are so excited about our first Nutrition Challenge of 2019 that we are now opening up entries this week already - we recommend you to enter as soon as possible as the earlier you enter, the more time you'll have to improve until the final measurements that will take place on the week of the 18-24th of March!

The way this challenge will go is similar like the very successful one we ran in the end of 2018 (but with bigger prizes!), so basically here's what you need to do:

  1. Sign up by paying your entry fee of R300 (Cash only).
  2. You'll get a "score card" that you need to bring to the measuring CCF Coach for any of the below slots.
  3. You keep track of your daily points* in this sheet, (if you want to) and WE will save your measurements.
  4. Choose a Nutrition Lifestyle version from the CCF Nutrition e-Book that you'll get sent to you (see below).
  5. Train hard for 8 weeks and then make sure to get your re-measurements done in the slots offered at the end.

Use the CCF Nutrition e-Book and chose YOUR Nutrition version!

The e-Book was a massive hit last time, some general info that helped our participants understand their nutrition better and also specific nutrition variations that all are designed to help you:

  • Chose the right quality of food.
  • Have a structure around your eating.
  • Make "point counting" easy for the below accountability score card.

The CCF Nutrition e-Book is SIMPLE, yet very powerful, and only available for Nutrition Challenge participants!

"Score Card" - to help you stay accountable!

Like last time we will give you a score card for you to keep track of your daily habits. The points aren't a determining factor for the challenge, BUT we saw that those who used it last time did really well, by staying accountable on a daily basis they seem to make the right choice more often than not = amazing results.


  • Training: Give yourself 3p per CCF Class you attend (max 5 classes per week gives you points).
  • Nutrition: You start each day with 3p, for every item you eat that is not in line your chosen way of eating (from e-Book) you take away 1p.
  • Mobility: 10min of stretching/day gives you 1p, a healthy body will allow you to keep on training hard (RomWOD great option!)
  • Sleep: You get 1p for sleeping 8h or more, sleep is CRUCIAL for recovery and allows us to stay healthier in all aspects.

The score card is easy to fill in and keeps you accountable!

Schedules for Measurements (only for challenge participants):


  • Tuesday 15th of Jan: 08.00-08.30, 11.00-11.45, 15.00-17.00
  • Wednesday 16th: 11.00-11.45, 15.00-17.00
  • Friday 18th: 08.00-08.30, 11.00-11.45, 15.00-17.00
  • Monday 21st: 08.00-08.30, 11.00-11.45, 15.00-17.00
  • Tuesday 22nd: 08.00-08.30, 11.00-11.45, 15.00-17.00
  • Wednesday 23rd: 08.00-08.30, 11.00-11.45, 15.00-17.00
  • Friday 25th: 08.00-08.30, 11.00-11.45, 15.00-17.00
    NB: You MUST do measurements before (not after) a session as your values will become skew otherwise - measurements takes about 5min per person.


  • Tuesday 15th of Jan: 08.15-08.45, 11.30-11.55, 15.30-15.55
  • Wednesday 16th: 05.45-06.00, 08.30-08.45, 11.30-11.55, 15.00-15.55
  • Thursday 18th: 15.00-15.55.
  • Monday 21st: 05.45-06.00, 08.15-08.45, 11.30-11.55, 15.30-15.55
  • Tuesday 22nd: 08.15-08.45, 11.30-11.55, 15.30-15.55
  • Wednesday 23rd: 05.45-06.00, 08.30-08.45, 11.30-11.55, 15.00-15.55
  • Thursday 24th: 15.00-15.55
  • Friday 25th: 08.15-08.45, 11.30-11.55, 16.00-16.55
    NB: You MUST do measurements before (not after) a session as your values will become skew otherwise.


  • Tuesday 15th of Jan: 05.45-6.00, 11.30-11.55, 16.00-17.30
  • Wednesday 16th: 16.00-16.30
  • Thursday 18th:  16.00-16.30
  • Friday 19th: 16.00-16.55
  • Monday 21st:  16.00-16.30
  • Tuesday 22nd: 05.45-6.00, 11.30-11.55, 16.00-17.30
  • Wednesday 23rd:  16.00-16.30
  • Thursday 24th: 16.00-16.30
  • Friday 25th: 16.00-16.55
    NB: You MUST do measurements before (not after) a session as your values will become skew otherwise.

"How do I win?"

The challenge it self will be based on 2 factors: 

  1. Biggest Body Composition Changes (change in body % - not body weight)
  2. Coaches' vote for best transformation. 

And yes, winners will walk away with an amazing prize worth thousands of rands - but if we can base anything on the feedback from our last challenge's participants it's this: no matter if you stand on top of the podium or not you will WIN by sticking to these healthy habits and principals around your nutrition. 
By taking control of your lifestyle you will create results and habits that can change your life forever - not even winning Free Training can compete against that when it comes to winning at life..

But still, a reminder of the Prizes:

In EACH one of our 3 CCF Boxes, the best placed members will win the following:

  1. Place: 12 Months of Free CCF Unlimited Membership* (valued at +R16,000!)
  2. Place: 3 Months of Free CCF Unlimited Membership* (valued at +R4,000!)
  3. Place: 1 Month of Free CCF Unlimited Membership* (valued at +R1,399!)
    *The CCF Unlimited Membership gives you access to as many classes as you want, and also access to all 3 CCF Boxes. NB: Speciality classes such as the CCF Barbell Club is not included in this membership. Any prizes can NOT be exchanged for money or transferred to anyone else but the winners.

What are you waiting for? Sign up in YOUR CCF Box from tomorrow ,Tuesday the 15th of January, as we are allowing those early bird sign ups from then already!