Finally, the winners of the 8 weeks Performance Challenge are!

Finally, the winners of the 8 weeks Performance Challenge are!

06 December 2016

How much can you improve your fitness in 8 weeks? These dawgs did it to the max!

Our last 8 Week Challenges targeted 3 different areas with the entire goal to improve:

  • Performance (winners shown here)
  • Healthy Eating, (new blog post coming out this week)
  • Lifestyle! (The CCF Whole life challenged)

We will touch base on the other two within the next couple of days, but let's take a look at the Performance Challenge first today. 

This was the challenge and it's objectives:

1A) Max Unbroken Strict Pull Ups
1B) "ChriHellAne" - 3 Rounds for Time:

- 500m Row
- 21 Kettle Bell Swings, (24/16kg)
- 12 Hand Stand Push Ups, (Modified: Push Ups)
[Cap: 14min]

The goal was to improve strict gymnastic strength, and we saw massive improvements in this area over the 8 weeks, and at the same time improve our members fitness, stamina, endurance and frankly: ability to suck it up...

In the end we are now rewarding the BEST improved athletes in two categories: RX and Modified.

And the winners are!


  1. Caitlin Pringle (CCF Foreshore) +232%
    Cait went from 4 to 13 Pull Ups and took +1min off her first time.
  2. Erik Renander (CCF Gardens) +63%
    Erik went from 10 to 15 unassisted Pull Ups and took over 90s off his previous time.
  3. Julia Marsh (CCF Newlands) +22%
    Julia just got her unassisted Strict Pull Ups a few months ago, and now she went from 9 to 11!

RX CATEGORY, Best improved:

  1. Marc du Toit, (CCF Gardens) +113%
    Marc went from 5 to 10 Strict Pull ups and took 1'40min off his first time.
  2. Tony Kraftling, (CCF Foreshore) +54%
    Tony added 7(!) Pull Ups and went from not getting a single HSPU in the last round to almost finishing it.
  3. JP Seini, (CCF Gardens) +23%
    JP added 1 Pull Up (as he does) to his PB and then went on to improving his time by +30s and his 9:50min was also the fastest time among any of the RX participants.

All these winners are walking away with some nice cash prizes (R750 for the winners as an example) as all the money from the Challenge went in to the prize pool.

A massive congratulation to our winners, keep your eyes out for our next challenge that will start towards the end of January 2017!

Your Team at Cape CrossFit