FREE Daily Cape CrossFit Fitness Classes for Beginners - join from your Home!

FREE Daily Cape CrossFit Fitness Classes for Beginners - join from your Home!

17 April 2020

Always wanted to try CrossFit, but feeling intimidated by "the intensity"?

We are now making it easier than ever to create a fitness routine, and to try out CrossFit, from HOME!

No experience what so ever needed, no barbells or "crazy looking gymnastics movements", but rather a cool Basic program that ANYONE can do led by our expert Cape CrossFit Coaches online!

The classes will run 09.30am Monday - Friday via ZOOM and you can join 1 class per week or all 5 - completely up to you. We will be focusing on "simple" and basic movements and the only "equipment" you could need would for instance be a backpack/5 litre water bottle to lift, or even a broom stick to practice new movements. 

How will a class work?

You will simply join a zoom class where there is a coach leading the class and other athletes throwing down with you - you CAN chose to join without video so that you aren't seen on the screen. 

The program is designed for Beginners mainly, experienced CrossFitters will probably look at a more "advanced" program - but anyone is welcome to join!
Our goal with these 30min classes is to help ANYONE, regardless of current fitness level, become a little bit fitter and healthier through a BASIC Fitness program using Functional Movements and a relative Intensity adjusted to YOUR level.

Our classes will follow a very simple template and you will easily be able to join from your living room as an example:

  • 3-5min Warm Up
  • 5-10min Movement Practice
  • 7-12min WOD (Workout Of the Day)
  • 3-5min Cool Down

This is how "simple" a class WOD can be - this is actually MONDAY the 20th's workout(!):

7 minute AMRAP*:
- 7 Air Squats
- 7 Sit Ups
- 7 Push Ups
*The goal is to do as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes.

Join a class and our expert CCF Coaches will help you find the right movement versions for you!

Our team has an average of +1500 Coached CrossFit classes and have been running a successful Online Coaching program since the 19th of March 2020 - your in good hands!

The classes will be recorded and then shared so you COULD complete the workouts afterwards if the time slot doesn't suit you, but if possible we'd recommend you to join our classes to get our team to help you with the movements and coach you through the class, plus that it's more fun to share the FUN!

How do I sign up?

It's really simple: you send us an email to [email protected] and ask to be added to our emailing list. Every day at 08.00 we'll send out an email with the program of the day and a link to the class! 
You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, and please note that we will have certain protocols in place to keep the community safe - if anyone breaches any of our "Class Rules" we could remove them from the mailing list to ensure that this is a 100% positive experience for those wanting to get their Health & Fitness on each day.

The FREE Cape CrossFit ZOOM Classes will run until the end of the month - or for as long as the SA Lockdown is in place at the very least!

Please provide us with the following info when you email us using the link above:

  • Full Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • City/Area:
  • Previous CrossFit Experience:
  • Previous Other Training Experience:
  • Injuries Limitation:
  • Goals with joining the CCF Anywhere Free Classes:

We look forward to meeting you online and helping you with your
Health & Fitness!

We are here to help and this project is part of us trying to spread health & fitness to as many human beings as possible - including those that would normally not be able to join a CrossFit box for various reasons.
Give us a shout ASAP if you are keen to try us out and we'll get you started on your new journey towards the healthiest & fittest possible version of yourself.