Got nothing to do right now? Try CrossFit - from your home!

Got nothing to do right now? Try CrossFit - from your home!

03 April 2020

We're now offering FREE Online Intro sessions!

After quite a few requests we decided to try something that goes with the current times: Intro sessions where you'll "e-meet" one of our coaches from your home and basically get to do a No Sweat-introduction to CrossFit from the comfort of your own home, and without any further commitment needed!

In the intro session, which will be approximately 30min, we'll explain briefly how CrossFit is one of the most efficient ways to stay get fit & stay healthy, and we also explain our popular Cape CrossFit structures and how we work with our members during these times.
To make it a bit more fun for you we also take a look at two Basic CrossFit Movements, the Squat & the Push Up, and show you not only how to do them well, but also how to adjust them for you. This kind of becomes a diagnostics for your current body weight strength and at the very least you have learnt something new. 

CLICK HERE to drop us an email and we'll get back to you to Schedule YOUR Free Intro session.

IF you enjoy the Free Intro session you can sign up for a 4 x 1-on-1 Session Basics Course for only R999!

We have arguably one of the most experienced coaching teams in South Africa who are now ready to introduce you to the Cape CrossFit Anywhere ways!

This template builds on what we usually do in our boxes (gyms), but obviously we can't do that now during the lockdown so instead we have remodelled this to 4 sessions a 30min each and in here we'll:

  • Teach you some good movement mechanics for how to move your own body, and "weights" (this will be accommodate to use any stuff you got at home!).
  • Educate you on the principles of CrossFit and why it's so popular (because it works..).
  • Help you with general guidance around your Nutrition Habits.
  • Take you through a workout at the end of each session, your CCF Coach will adjust the workout according to your capacity, environment, and what you got at home - and will also COACH you through the whole piece!

You get all this for only R999, without any need for further commitment. If you choose to move on after this and do your own thing we hope that at the very least we've given you some inspiration to continue your fitness journey - and of course we know that you will have learnt some cool stuff!

You CAN then also become a Cape CrossFit member and enjoy all the epic benefits of our CCF Anywhere Online Remote Coaching!

As we are obviously not physically open for business in our boxes right now we have moved everything Online and are actually still training our entire community of CCF Members through various channels online - and it has been HUGELY successful so far in terms of keeping our members active and having fun during a time that could be quite challenging for most:

In our daily WOD Videos we present the movements and what to do and how to modify each for YOU.

  • FULL ACCESS* to a multiple option "at Home"-Training Program in CCF Anywhere - you can read more HERE.
  • Daily CCF Zoom Classes Online where our coaches takes you through the WOD (Workout of the Day) and helps you with modification options based on your capacity, environment, and equipment/no equipment access.
  • Daily CCF Jungle Drum (Newsletter) with info on what you need to know, tomorrow's WOD details and things to think about.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Check Ins with your Assigned CCF Coach.
  • Access to our CCF Members Private Instagram & Facebook accounts where we share videos, tips, and any relevant info for your training - and of course keeps you motivated by seeing our community of members also sticking with the program.

*We also share a basic version of our Program Videos each day in our public channels so anyone who is not a member CAN follow along in the program, but without the individual and class guidance we offer for our members.

If you ever felt intimidated to join our gyms, now is the right time.

After the initial Free Intro session and Basics Course you can build some confidence in our ZOOM Online Classes which can be a great way to experience the training form in the comfort of your own home.
Of course we are excited about being back in our boxes ASAP - but in the meanwhile we are also excited to help you find out more about CrossFit, maybe start your fitness journey with us, or maybe just keep yourself busy while staying at home!