Healthy employees becomes a healthy company - Test out our CCF Corporate Program out for FREE!

Healthy employees becomes a healthy company - Test out our CCF Corporate Program out for FREE!

28 January 2016

What are YOU doing for your employees health? We are now giving you the chance to give them FREE HEALTH CARE for 2 weeks!

IMG_7609   In the +6 years that we have been training human beings in Cape Town, we have constantly heard the same stories: "I feel so much more energised since I started with you!", "I perform much better at work, and I finally actually enjoy working again.." and so on. Being healthy gives you more energy, so why wouldn't you want to make your employees healthier and fitter and as a result make them more productive?

What CAN you do for your employees health?

At Cape CrossFit we offer a well designed package adjustable to your needs as an employer and also the needs of your employees. You can either chose to put your entire staff in "Exclusive Corporate Classes" that are scheduled for your company alone, or you can chose to subsidise your employees membership rates for regular classes AND get a discount on those memberships too! In the Exclusive Corporate Classes the coach will not only become your employees personal coach, but the coach will also design a program 100% adjusted to your employees needs and capacities. IMG_7603 We offer these Exclusive Corporate classes at times that works for your employees, lunch time classes which are 45min are the most popular ones but as long as there is space in the schedule we can set you up for success at times that suit you and your company.

How do we know it works? Meet Zailab, an inventive company that puts their employees first.

We have many companies that are currently enjoying discounts for their employees private memberships by having 5 or more of their employees training with us. We also have several success-stories when it comes to Exclusive Corporate Classes and one of the coolest ones comes from our now almost 2 year long client: Zailab. IMG_7599   Zailab started out about 2 years ago with our Head Coach, Coach Chris, and they haven't looked back since. In the beginning we adjusted everything as their experience in terms of functional fitness was slim to none, but now we actually make the Zai-heroes (their official team name) do most of the regular workouts. We often modify them in to team workouts however as the team building effect is one of the big plusses with the CCF Corporate Program! "When we took on CrossFit 2 years ago, we wanted to achieve more than just physical wellness. It was also a means to stimulate a daring and adventurous culture within our company. The benefits have been striking: our employees continue to improve their fitness levels, while building lasting bonds outside the office environment.  Coach Chris has been a remarkable instructor, consistently pushing our employees to build the mental strength to achieve their goals." - Nour Addine Ayyoub, CEO of Zailab IMG_7666

How do WE get started? What are the requirements for the Free classes?

It's simple, give our head office a call or send us an email and we can send you all the relevant info. Phone: 021-461 02 43 Email: [email protected] We don't require any kind of commitment what so ever from your company to test out the free classes, the one and only thing that we do require is that you allow us to come out and chat to your employees in what we call our "CCF Health & Fitness Chat" which takes max 30 minutes of your time. Once that chat has been done we will gladly accommodate you and your employees in terms of finding time slots that work for you for your first two weeks of Free classes*! * We offer up to two classes per week for the two Free Weeks of CCF Corporate Classes. Offer must be claimed before the last of February 2016 and is subject to availability in terms of time slots in each facility. unnamed