How to get your Nutrition in check for the CCF Whole Life Summer Challenge!

How to get your Nutrition in check for the CCF Whole Life Summer Challenge!

27 September 2016

On Friday we kick off the “CCF Whole Life Challenge” and you have 8 weeks to reach your Performance, Lifestyle and Nutrition goals! We will handle the performance aspect in terms of providing you the best training program but the nutrition part is all you guys, but below we have a little bit of info to make it easier for you to stay the course. Every Sunday we will be sending out a informative email focusing on different aspects of nutrition - be it recovery, recipes, general FAQ that you need answers to etc. If you have entered the challenge you will receive these directly to your inbox, alternatively they will be loaded onto the blog on the following Wednesday for everyone else to read. Measurements will be taken at the the 3 boxes at the following times:

  • CCF GARDENS: 16.00-18.30 on Wednesday the 28th of September.
  • CCF FORESHORE: 16.00-18.00 on Thursday the 29th of September.
  • CCF NEWLANDS: To be determined.

These need to be done BEFORE you train. If non of the above times suits you please contact your Assigned Coach or the [email protected] ASAP so we can book you in for a 20min Goal Getting Session to book your measurements! 

To kick things off here are some simple recommendations:

If you have never done The Whole 30 for at least 21 days, we recommend this as the first step. If you have successfully completed it and have established what works and what doesn't for you we then suggest that you "clean up" your diet. So seasoned CCF members we know the Dog's Bollocks has fabulous maple syrup french toast but lets begin to reign that in shall we? ;)

For women:

  • 1 palm of protein dense foods with each meal;
  • 1 fist of vegetables with each meal;
  • 1 cupped hand of carb dense foods with most meals;
  • 1 entire thumb of fat dense foods with most meals.

Gents, double that up.

For men:

  • 2 palms of protein dense foods with each meal;
  • 2 fists of vegetables with each meal;
  • 2 cupped hands of carb dense foods with most meals;
  • 2 entire thumbs of fat dense foods with most meals.

Remember this is a starting point and you will need to adjust accordingly - listen to your bodies cues. If you are hungry: eat. If you are full: stop. If you feel like a cronut: realise it's only sugar cravings and go have a big glass of water... Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.30.27 PM   Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.29.06 PM This simple sheet will provide ground for YOU to give your self points during the "CCF Whole Life Summer Challenge" - if you have ANY of the above in a day you get 0p. If you stay away from the all, you get 1p! If you need a refresher with more in depth detail head over to our previous blog post. Vanity and six pack dreams aside guys, lets do this for our health. Coach Tash CCF Nutritional Advisor ——————————- This is the first in an 8 week series of articles that will help you improve your healthy eating habits. They are meant to be a guide and a support, but just like anything you need to figure out how it works for you.