Introducing CCF Anywhere - a way of life.

Introducing CCF Anywhere - a way of life.

22 March 2020

Turn the current times into something positive:
an opportunity to stay Fit & Healthy!

Since we choose to close our boxes down to help with social distancing and the now well known concept of "flattening the curve" we have been truly amazed by how many of our members, and others, have chosen to use whatever is available to follow our CCF at Home Programs - and to be honest this is so important because if it's ever been super important to stay fit and healthy, it's now..

We have seen people meet up in parks (staying 2m a part obviously) to do our running WOD's together, do pull ups in their stair cases, build "equipment" out of back packs, plastic bottles, rocks and more - at such a rate that we honestly can't grasp it.

CCF have always had a philosophy of making people as fit as possible outside of the gym so as much as this is a tough situation for many of us, we are at the same time very happy to see more and more experience just how simple it can be to get your fitness training in anywhere..

Which brings us to the name change: CCF Anywhere

The programs we are now offering in combination with our remote online coaching have so far been called "CCF at Home" as the idea was to provide a chance to do them at home, but not only do we see people opting to do these workouts at many more places than just at home but we also see the fact that everyones Home is actually very different as a chance to really point out the fact that our training can be done basically anywhere.

Within our Online Coaching Portals we now offer 3 Programming levels that goes from simpler to more advanced, but since the programs are based on the same templates you can literally chop and change and choose YOUR variations for each day's program based on your experience level, your environment, and access to no to little equipment.

There's no doubt that the program we are now presenting have grown out of a need to offer our current members something that we know can make them as fit & healthy in a situation where the boxes are closed for a shorter or longer period - but what's really cool is that we now also have a reason to keep this program running forever, even after these challenging times are over!

3 Programs in 1 - Chose the right one for you!

The CCF Anywhere programs are still following our successful structure with Constantly Varied Functional Movements performed at relative High Intensity - meaning that we have a lot of fun doing longer/shorter, heavier/lighter, upper body/lower body dominant, etc workouts and program them in a way where you will be able to push yourself as hard as YOUR fitness allows. 

The cool thing is also that you can as explained above choose movements from the different programs according to each day's suggestions, and also depending on how you FEEL. In a time like now we are 100% supporting you to go easy when it feels like the right thing to do, we simply want to provide you with a chance to at least move a little every day.

To make it easy we have broken it down into the following definitions for each of the 3 program categories:

  • CCF FITNESS Anywhere: This program is mainly based around simple body weights movements and is meant for you that want a little to no equipment program. There will be suggestions to use for instance a loaded backpack as load as we know that external load can still be very beneficial but we will also give unloaded variations for those days!
  • CCF PERFORMANCE Anywhere: This program will include slightly more technical movements, and also some times request the use of for instance a Kettle Bell, Dumbbell or other unilateral loading.
  • CCF COMPETITION Anywhere: This program is designed for our competition athletes, but also for anyone that want a higher level of skill/weightlifting in their training - and of course then have access to the equipment needed.
    We'll sometimes program Barbell work and/or bar gymnastics and rings.
  • CCF ADD-ON Anywhere: This program is also taken from our Competition program, and we are opening it up for ANYONE that want to train slightly more. There will often be extra weightlifting (barbell or KB/DB) and some kind of extra conditioning piece that can be done on a machine like Assault Bikes/Rowers if you have that accessible.
    NB: We are NOT saying that anyone must train more than usual in these times, but for some it can be a mental relief and due to social distancing a way to keep busy.

How do adjust the daily WOD's to fit YOU

The way we envision this working is that, just like we do in your classes, you make a call based on each days program in terms of your capacity, environment, and what equipment you have access to or not.

Here's 3 examples of a day's programming coming to you this coming week, below we'll show you how you can adjust it to your capacity:

  • CCF FITNESS Anywhere - For Time, 42-30-18 Reps of:
    - Air Squats
    - Bent Over Row with Odd Object*
    - Burpees
    If the object you use is Heavy you can do half the reps, 21-15-9, to keep the intensity high.
  • CCF PERFORMANCE Anywhere - For Time, 21-15-9 Reps of:
    - KB/Dumbell Squats*
    - Burpee Pull Ups (Use a STABILISED door to pull yourself up on if no access to any kind of pull up bar)
    *If you "only" have access to 1 KB/DB and it's Light, double the reps to 42-30-18 on this station.
  • CCF COMPETITION Anywhere - For Time, 21-15-9 Reps of:
    - Back Squats (Body Weight)
    - Bar Muscle Ups

Now these programs are as you can see pretty different in complexity and that's the point: the programs we offer can be adjusted to ANYONES capacity. But the other cool thing is that you can also adjust it by choosing movements FROM the different programs. 

As a couple of examples, you could do:

  • MODIFICATION OPTION 1 (no equipment), For Time:
    - 42-30-18 Air Squats
    - 21-15-9 Burpee Pull Ups
  • MODIFICATION OPTION 2 (barbell), For Time :
    - 21-15-9 Back Squats
    - 21-15-9 Bent Over Row
    - 42-30-18 Burpees
  • MODIFICATION OPTION 3 (Dumbells and Pull Up station), For Time:, 21-15-9 reps of:
    - Dumbbell Squats
    - Bar Muscle Ups

The point here is that you can design your own WOD depending on what you have access to, what you can do, and also what you feel like. The program is based on FUNCTION VARIATION more than anything so it's highly unlikely that you for instance would see a Back Squat in any of the programs after this.

NB: If you are a CCF member you are also more than welcome to give us a shout in the private Facebook or Instagram accounts and we'll gladly guide you, or you can even drop your Assigned CCF Coach a line and he/she will gladly help you!

Where do I find the workouts?

Simple: Check out the WOD & NEWS section of our webpage, we'll load the workouts for next day there every night at 20.00.

You can also find them in BoxChamp, where you'll see the different variations. You can simply log your score under YOUR WOD-level and then add any notes of modification at the same time.


Check out previous CCF Jungle Drums (newsletters) for links or search for "Cape CrossFit Members" on Facebook & Instagram.


Since we have chosen to move our entire membership value to an online service we are also offering a broad online platform to make sure you get the help you need to continue experiencing what we aim to be the best fitness & health training in the world (we aren't backing down on our goals):

  • ALL CCF Members have their own "Assigned Coach" that by now have reached out to you via email/text/call to set up a time to chat this coming week. We aim to offer a 10-15min Online Face-to-Face call every week (up to each member how much to use it).
    In here we post extensive videos with movement standards and options, warm ups & coold downs, and other helpful tips to make sure you can get the most out of each training day.
    We also use these forums to answer ANY questions you might have on the program, how to change it if you have injuries/limitations etc and perhaps most importantly: WE USE IT TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER AS A COMMUNITY*.
  • DAILY CCF EMAILS. All our members will receive an email the day before with the next days program and an article posted with relevant info in regards of fitness & health, today we are for instance linking this very article to the email, and other interesting topics.

How can we stay together as a community?

We believe that now more than ever do we need each other. We may to various degrees be isolated from other humans for longer or shorter, but in these times we can mitigate the effects by connecting in other ways than in person. 
Social Media, good or bad overall, can actually in times like these become a way of supporting each other. Reach out via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp to the friends you miss from the box at the moment. Drop a supportive comment on their workout video/photo and let's stay together as the one big TEAM that we truly are.

We at CCF will do our part by continuing to reposting and sharing your success stories and posts. Keep on hash tagging the below and we'll find you and make sure the rest of the world also sees that there is a way to stay active even in times as tough as these.

Only Love is a good philosophy right now.