Introducing: "CCF CARDIO45" - a Fitness Class without Barbells & Complex Gymnastic Movements!

Introducing: "CCF CARDIO45" - a Fitness Class without Barbells & Complex Gymnastic Movements!

29 July 2019

Looking for a fitness program that is not as "hectic" as regular CrossFit classes? CCF CARDIO45 is for you!

One of the most common feedbacks we get from members is "I wish I would have started earlier! But I was afraid of all the scary movements.." so now we are introducing a trial for a class that is designed for anyone who want to reap the benefits from Functional Training but without the most complex movements we often use in our regular CCF classes.

The CCF CARDIO45 classes will be as the name indicates 45min classes and the base is Cardio to build a big Aerobic Fitness Base. We wont program barbell movements but will incorporate some strength training with Medicine Balls, Dumbells & Kettle bells. Similarly we wont be doing pull ups, hand stands and other complex movements but rather focus on moving your own body through space with Burpees (yay), Ring Rows, Bear Crawls, unloaded Squats & Lunges, Sit Ups, and much more!

The program will have a focus on slightly longer workouts and just like all our classes it will be led by our World Class Coaches who will help anyone find the right version of movements and modify workouts as needed to fit YOUR capacity and experience level.

Trial Schedule from 5th of August 2019 - 3x week at CCF Gardens 

We believe this program will be super popular so we are putting it in as a trial 3 times per week at the following times:

  • Mondays 18.00
  • Wednesday 18.00
  • Saturdays 08.00

What kind of membership do I need?

With this NEW program we are also offering a new membership simply called the "CCF45 Membership" which gives you access to up to all 3 of these classes per week - NB: this membership does not give access to any other CCF Classes.
The CCF45 memberships only carry a 30 day Notice Period and no long term agreements are required.

The price for the CCF45 Membership is R999/month via Debit Order (or R3499 for 3 months upfront payment).

Can a "regular" CCF Member join these classes? Yes!

All CCF members have access to these classes (within their weekly allocation of classes) so it could be cool to test out one of these less technical classes once in a while, especially if aerobic capacity is a high priority for you.
It could also be a great way to get back into your regular CrossFit training after some time off for holiday or illness as an example - or maybe you'll even just like what you see in that program a specific day and as such you'll have a choice!

The CCF CARDIO45 classes will also have a daily Focus Movement where the coach will coach you through mechanics of our most foundational movements such as Squats, Cardio Machines and more - it's never a bad idea for anyone to focus on these things no matter how experienced you are.

The CCF CARDIO45-classes will also be bookable through BoxChamp as all other classes.

FREE Trial Week!

Join us for a FREE week (up to 3 classes in 7 days from start) to check out if this program is for you, simply email us at [email protected] and let us know what day and time you want to come in and we'll book you in for your first sessson. 

Fitness should really be accessible for all and we are excited to provide you with an option to our regular program which may be better suited for your specific goals - and maybe less intimidating than our regular classes too.