Introducing CCF Nutrition Coaching

Introducing CCF Nutrition Coaching

22 July 2018

At CCF all our members have an Assigned Coach that can help you with the basics of Healthy eating by simply looking at what you’ve been eating for the last 3-5 days and provide recommendations on what to eat more/less of - if you however want to really focus on your nutrition our CCF Nutrition Coaches are there to help!

Coach Tash King and Coach Di will work with you on a more detailed level and tailor your nutrition to your goals. With consistent meetings and follow ups you will have someone in your corner that will hold you accountable.

There is a reason why Nutrition is put at the base of Greg Glassman's ‘how to build an athlete’ pyramid  - with the right fuel you can simply become the best you easier.

Our Nutrition Coaches have different approaches but can both help you with tailored nutrition plans. Both coaches have been in the industry for years and between the 2 of them have varied and invaluable experience to share. Coach Tash is a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach and has completed her Sports Nutrition and Weight loss certifications whilst Coach Di has has a Certified Diploma in Nutrition and Certified ETA Certificate in Fitness (Distinction).

Depending on what time of the day you would want to work with your Nutrition Coach, (or if you have a personal preference), we will gladly help you meet up with them for a first consultation asap.

Rates are based on the package you require and the time frame you commit to:

- CCF One on One: Coaching packages range from R640 - R800p/m

- Online Coaching*: Between R400 - R500p/m
(*This is for non CCF members and excludes one on one meetings plus that external clients would be required of getting validated body fat measurements etc outsourced).

All CCF 1-on-1 packages are possible to set up via Debit Order for CCF Members, while all other packages are payable up front in full.


If you are interested please drop us an email right away to [email protected] and we will pair you up with your trainer ASAP!