Introducing: The Cape CrossFit Base Camp!

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Introducing: The Cape CrossFit Base Camp!

30 August 2020

The perfect program if you are a beginner, or easing back into CrossFit after the Lockdown, starts at CCF on the 7th of September!

We understand that CrossFit can be an intimidating training program when looking in from the outside and even though we pride ourselves in being very good when it comes to adjusting the daily workouts to ANY level, we now also want to introduce a program and environment that is way less "scary" than our regular CCF CrossFit Classes - the CCF Base Camp.

The philosophy is simple: if you want to climb high mountains you first need to spend time in the base camp to get used to the conditions there before you continue your climb to the top - exactly like how we want to help you build your fitness journey with us starting in the Base Camp!

The CCF Base Camp can be used as a way to get in to CrossFit, see how we use it as an option for any beginning member explained below, as we will focus on the very foundations of Functional Movements at Relative Intensity which means: 100% adjusted to YOUR capacity.
But, it can also be used as a way of training "forever" depending on your goals and Lifestyle.


How does it work?

The CCF Base Camp classes are designed to use all the super efficient variables of CrossFit (Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at relatively High Intensity), but in a 30 minute format that makes them less technical and easy to get done if you are short on time. Each class will have something similar to this:

  • A Skill Piece where we in a BASIC way introduce some technical movements, think:
    - Technique practice for bodyweight movements.
    - PVC Pipe/empty barbell for Weightlifting Technique Practice.
    - Assisted/Unassisted Strict Gymnastic strength work.
  • A Base Camp WOD (Workout Of the Day) that is focused on building Capacity with non technical movements.
    - Plenty of Bodyweight movements to learn the right patterns for future loaded movements.
    - Plenty of Medicine Balls, Kettle Bells and Dumbbells.
    - Plenty of Cardio Machines.
    - No barbell.
    - No hand stand gymnastics or very high skill bar gymnastics.

The programming will focus a lot on building a base capacity for Functional Fitness.


The CCF BASE CAMP will now form 2 paths towards getting into our regular Classes (if that's your goal).

We have always had a system for bringing beginners into our programs by first giving them a chance to learn the sometimes technical movements to make sure they have a foundation to stand on before joining our classes, and that is exactly what we want to do here with the CCF BASE CAMP. 

As a beginner in CrossFit we will now offer you these 2 paths when starting with us:

  1. Private Basics Camp (R999 once off fee): 4 Private 1-on-1 Sessions with your Assigned CCF Coach.
    Perfect if you want to get into our regular CCF CrossFit classes quickly, you will need to sign up for any of our regular CCF Membership Plans after your Private Base Camp.

  2. Join the CCF Base Camp Classes (R999/month for up to 3 classes per week) and after 12 classes you can upgrade to a regular Membership Plan. This is also PERFECT if this program is exactly what you are looking for as your "forever" training form.

The CCF BASE CAMP Schedule from 7th of SEPTEMBER:

We are starting with the CCF Base Camp classes slowly and will offer them 3 days per week, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, in all our boxes.
Eventually as the demand grows we'll most likely put in a daily Base Camp schedule as well - just remember that the CCF Base Camp membership plan gives access to up to 3 of these specific classes per week (if you want access to more or even the regular CCF CrossFit classes as an example you'd need an upgraded membership plan).

We have a broad variation of CCF Membership Plans so you can easily find the best suited for you! 

These are the schedules for each box in the start of September:

  • CCF GARDENS (2 Roodehek Street):
    - 07.30
    - 11.30
    - 17.30
    - 10.00
  • CCF NEWLANDS (72 Claremont Main Road):
    - 07.00
    - 11.30
    - 10.00
  • CCF CENTURY CITY (6 Edison Way):
    - 07.00
    - Time TBD shortly.

Who is the CCF Base Camp for and how to I get in?

(NB: This is a picture from before our COVID Safety measures).

Well we thought that was clear by now: ANYONE can join the CCF Base Camp no matter what experience or fitness level they currently have!

We would love to invite you for a FREE INTRO Session with one of our CCF Coaches where you get to see the facility, get a good understanding for what our super efficient training program entails and also try out a cool CrossFit WOD (Workout) to see what it actually means to train with us. If you then decide that you want to get started your Coach will guide you towards the best way for you to get started and advice you on what's the Membership Plan for you according to YOUR Goals & Lifestyle!

([email protected])


PS. Worried about Safety in COVID-times? Check out our CCF Safety Protocols: