Join the CCF 8 Week Challenge and change your life, for ever!

Join the CCF 8 Week Challenge and change your life, for ever!

06 January 2019

Want a new Lifestyle?

Our last CCF Nutrition Challenge was the most successful one we have ever run in our 9 years of operating Cape CrossFit.
We had more than 50 members take part in the challenge, 17 of them lost more than 5kg, and 4 of them even more than 10kg in just 8 weeks!*
Basically all of them changed their body composition in big ways losing body fat, gaining muscle, and losing loads of cm around the waist. 

*The parameters for our challenges is actually not about weight loss, but rather changes in body composition and loss of CM - for obvious reasons when we start eating very healthy in combination with training consistently losing body fat, which is often equal to body weight, becomes a positive side effect. 

Now one of the coolest things with the above changes is that we've checked in with many of the participants and even though life has gone back to normal, (and we've gone through the hardest seasons of them all recently), it seems that weight has stayed off, training has been kept at a good frequency - and it's all related to the fact that our challenges aren't necessarily based on weighing and measuring your food, but rather on creating Healthy Habits!

The next 8 Week Challenge starts on the 21st of January 2019.

This challenge is open to ALL CCF members and is very simple to enter. You simply sign up at your CCF Box and get your measurements done with one of our CCF Coaches - we will set up scheduled slots for the week of the 21st of January.

The entry fee is R300 (cash only) and this is what you get included:

  • 8 Weekly Habits sent to you, 1 per week of the challenge.
  • The CCF Nutrition e-Book - read below.
  • Access to the CCF Nutrition Challenge Facebook group, 
    This time around with daily tips and a bunch of recipes to make it easy to make the right choices!
  • A "Points" Spreadsheet to help keeping yourself accountable. 
    You start each day with 3p, for every thing you eat/drink that is not aligned with your choice of nutrition plan you subtract one point. 

NB: Entries can be made before, but measurements can ONLY be done from the 21st onwards!

The value of the Prizes this time around is bigger than ever before - 12 months of FREE Unlimited Membership for a winner in EACH CCF Box!

We do believe that everyone that takes these 8 weeks on with full effort will win a new lifestyle, but also want to reward those that improves the most. And this time around we have decided to turn give away a lot of free membership to those winning.

In EACH of the 3 CCF Boxes (Gardens, Newlands, Century City) we will reward the 3 winners with:

  1. Place: 12 Months of Free CCF Unlimited Membership* (valued at +R16,000!)
  2. Place: 3 Months of Free CCF Unlimited Membership* (valued at +R4,000!)
  3. Place: 1 Month of Free CCF Unlimited Membership* (valued at +R1,399!)
    *The CCF Unlimited Membership gives you access to as many classes as you want, and also access to all 3 CCF Boxes. NB: Speciality classes such as the CCF Barbell Club is not included in this membership.

We will simply reward the highest 3 ranked participants in each box. Male & Female athletes will compete together this time around even though they will be ranked on a separate "leaderboard" - highest ranked athlete in each specific CCF Box will win the prize. 
If two athletes share the same ranking from the same box then the coaches votes for biggest body transformation will be the tiebreaker.

How do I set my self up for the biggest success in this challenge?

Choose a healthy way of eating in the CCF Nutrition e-Book: 

The NEW version is simply listing 5 different variation of eating with a PLAN. Weather your choice is Intermittent Fasting, "CrossFit Nutrition Guidelines", Paleo etc doesn't really matter. What matters is that you stick to ONE way and only eat real, unprocessed food sources. 
The e-Book also helps you with a simple way of finding the right portion sizes!

Follow the Weekly Habits diligently: These Habits may seem "Simple", and they are, but the combination of implementing all 8 of them in to your way of eating is the most powerful way we know to create a lifelong healthy relationship to your food. We are "competing" for 8 weeks, but want results that last for a lifetime..

Write down your Goals on our Goal Getting Whiteboards: All CCF Boxes will have a specific place set up for "GOALS" to be written up by our members. If you are taking part in the challenge we recommend you strongly to write up your targets on there: "Chris - lose 3% bodyfat / 5cm around waist / 2kg of body weight" as an example makes your goals visible and more important to you! 

Train Consistently: Well this one should be no surprise, we know that our High Intensity way of training also has a massive effect on body composition. All winners in the last challenge trained a minimum of 4-5 days per week, and funny enough their fitness levels also sky rocketed - who knew..? 

Consider getting help from our in-house CCF Nutrition Coaches: This is by no means a requirement to do well in this challenge, but if you are a person that know that having someone keeping you accountable is needed, then Coach Tash King & Coach Diane Swart are the right people to help you!
They work with you individually to make sure that your plan is working for you. 

Note that the CCF Nutrition Coaching is above the regular membership fees and ranges from R640/month depending on how long you sign up for.

What if I'm not a CCF Member yet?

This challenge is only open for CCF Members, but why don't you give us a shout and we gladly book you in for a Free Intro session at any of our boxes - if you are joining us in January we are also throwing in a month of Free Online Nutrition Coaching!